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A study of assembly line

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature review
  4. Problem statement
  5. Simulation study
    1. Simulation model
    2. Arena simulation environment
    3. Existing production process
    4. Model analysis
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Organization management is crucial to each type of organization because only through successful management of people, capital, information and materials, an organization can meet its goal. Operation management is a part of the production system. Production system is a collection of interrelated entities. The inputs to the system are materials, labor, equipments and capital. These inputs are combined and converted into goods by a suitable process technology. Production system receives several inputs and converts them into useful products using its facilities. In the process of conversion, there will be some deviations in the product's attributes like quality, size, shape and number of units produced.

[...] Arena ensures a high degree of flexibility, various facilities for models of any level of complexity. Typical modelling activities include: Analysis of various types of manufacturing systems containing material flow control components; Analysis of complex system services and control; Forecasting the system behaviour based on resource capacity, process cycle timing and expenses; Identifying bottlenecks, for example, forming queues and resource overloading; Arena offers: Imitation of the system behaviour in the future Achieving an understanding of the impact of complex variables on the modelled system Identification of possibility of the system performance optimization Animation of operating model Comparing alternatives of different realizations of the system Model elements of the Arena model are grouped and placed in panels. [...]

[...] WS1 WS2 WS3 From this Roller Chain Arena Model a batch of components waiting for the operation in WS2 is observed. Roller Chain Arena Model 1 is produced by batch type. Oprn1 Oprn2 WS2 WS2 Oprn3 In Roller Chain Arena Model II, operations in WS2 are different from roller chain model I. All other processes remain the same. In Roller Chain Arena Model II, WS2 has three operations (Oprn1, Oprn2 and Oprn3). Operations 1 & 2 are continuous type. Operation 3 is batch type. [...]

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