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A study on the various approaches to job evaluation

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  1. What is job evaluation?
    1. Purpose of job evaluation
    2. Approaches
  2. Non-analytical types of job evaluation
    1. Job ranking
    2. Job classification
    3. Internal benchmarking
  3. Analytical types of job evaluation
    1. Point rating
    2. Factor comparison
    3. Hay's method
  4. Criticisms
  5. Critical factors for success
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

The definition for Job evaluation is ?any method ranking the relative worth of jobs, which can then be used as a basis for a remuneration system?. It is the systematic process of establishing the relative worth of jobs within an organization. The exercise involves placing jobs at their appropriate level in the company hierarchy and structure, and is part of a larger Work Study exercise that includes Job Analysis and Merit Rating besides Job Evaluation.A major characteristic of Job evaluation is its comparative nature. Job Evaluation deals with relationships or the relative worth of jobs, and it is not possible to do a Job Evaluation exercise with only one job.

Tags: Analysis and classification of cost, Price analysis and classification, Cost analysis and classification of costs

[...] Internal Benchmarking Job evaluation by internal benchmarking simply means comparing the job under review with any job already graded and placing the new job at an appropriate level relative to that job The comparison is made on the whole job and not on critical job factors. Benchmark jobs are representative of the range of jobs considered. They may initially serve as the basis for the design or modification of a job evaluation scheme, and once perfected, functions as a reference point for internal assessment or job relatives the external process of matching jobs with jobs in other organizations to determine the pay scale. [...]

[...] (1995) Using multisource assessment to pay people not jobs. ACA Journal, 4-17 Summer Emerson, S. M. (1991) Job Evaluation: a barrier to excellence? Compensation and Benefits Review 39-51, January-February Grayson, D. (1987) Job Evaluation in Transition, Work Research Unit, ACAS London. H.R. Guide to the Internet: Job Evaluation: Methods: Point Method. Retrieved from retrieved 2009-04-28. Hay Job Evaluation. Brikbeck University of London. Retrieved from Retrieved 2009-04-28. Hillage, J. (1994) The Role of Job Evaluation, Institute of Manpower Studies, Brighton. Job Evaluation, CIPD [...]

[...] Allocation of scores to jobs under evaluation bases itself on the factor plan. The factor plan is the combination of the factors, their definitions and the total scores allotted to each factor in accordance with the factor weighing. Scores are allotted for each factor in accordance with the factor plan and added together to produce a total score, and the jobs ranked according to the scores obtained. A grade structure, defined in terms of point brackets divides the rank order into a number of grades. [...]

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