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A study on various recruitment sources and their effectiveness

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  1. Introduction
  2. The process of recruitment
  3. Traditional approach v/s behavioral approach
  4. Internal promotions v/s external recruitment
  5. Employee referrals and [ti]word of mouth[ti] recruitments
  6. Third party consultants or outsourcers
    1. Headhunters
    2. Employment exchanges
  7. Campus recruitment
  8. Job fairs
  9. Professional groups and associations
  10. Advertising
    1. Traditional advertisements
    2. Opportunities in the internet
  11. The best methods
    1. Effectiveness v/s efficiency
    2. The role of technology
    3. Survey results
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliography

Recruitment is the process of soliciting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm, and therefore the process by which organizations fulfill their human resource requirements. Small and Medium scale industries are relatively small enterprises employing far less manpower compared to large scale firms and usually concentrated on a specific area or region, tapping into the resources available in such areas.Recruitment is one of the major Human Resource activities of an enterprise. An enterprise first determines the number of employees required to run its operations through a manpower planning exercise, and then lists out the skills and qualifications required for each of these employees through a Job Analysis. The Human Resource department then conducts the recruitment process wherein they sources candidates through various ways to fulfill such requirements. The short listing and eventual selection the appropriate candidates from the candidates sourced for the vacancies count as the selection process, which is a sub-set of the recruitment process. This process repeats itself whenever there are new vacancies on when an existing employee leaves.

[...] THE BEST METHODS Efficiency v/s Effectiveness The success of an enterprise depends on having the right people in the right place at the right time, and for this, it is essential that the hiring of people take place effectively. However, many organizations confuse efficiency in terms of speed and cost for effectiveness, or finding the optimal fit. Even if the recruitment process per se is efficient unless the process is effective enough to fulfill the organizational need, such an efficient process would not yield the desired results. [...]

[...] EMPLOYEE REFERRALS and WORD OF MOUTH RECRUITMENTS Referrals from existing employees are a common source for candidates. A close variation of this type of candidate sourcing is the ?Word of Mouth? recruitment where the employees and others spread the word around to their friends, relatives and through other informal channels regarding the vacancies. This is in fact the primary source of candidates for small and medium enterprises. The biggest advantage of this approach from the organizations point of f view is that this is a virtually cost free approach. [...]

[...] The realization that recruitment is a strategic source of competitive advantage for organizations, and outsourcing this strategic function to an external agency or consultant has adverse effects on the organization has dawned on many organizations, albeit late. More and more organizations now revert to their own in house recruitment systems and use third-party consultant only to supplement their in-house team, or assist them in the sourcing and screening process. Forty two percent of the companies surveyed had an in house recruitment team, constituted mainly to cut recruitment costs. [...]

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