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Across the board leadership and new value development organizes changing companies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Key course concepts
  3. Employee motivation
  4. Organizing for success
  5. Outsourcing
  6. Companies researched
    1. Wal-Mart
    2. Melaleuca
    3. ICS cleaning
    4. Diversified Natural Products, Inc. (DNP)
    5. Dell
    6. Comcast
    7. Bank of America
    8. Delta Airlines Inc
    9. Exxon Mobil Merger
    10. SBC Communications and AT/T Merger
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

InterClean, a major sanitation competitor realizes that in today's environmentally friendly atmosphere, customers express increased interest in solutions and services (rather than products) to contour cleaning endeavors. InterClean, through its reorganization, hopes to offer increased turnkey solutions in the form of employee training, regular monitoring, in addition to info-sharing of new regulations (full cleaning contracts in some instances). InterClean's future profitability depends on satisfying this rising demand. Leading companies like InterClean, who rely on customer solutions/service and personalization to court the customer, often seize a greater share of customers through enlarging product offerings and tailored, differentiated services.

In an effort to regroup, InterClean will conduct employee appraisals and after assessing the results, HR may realize the need for internal organizational changes to assist in an easier changeover. Since InterClean acquired EnviroTech--an environmentally-conscious domestic competitor--competitive effective policy development in human resources proves even more instrumental. This paper will explore the green initiatives taken by the following organizations: (1) Wal-mart and Melaleuca; (2) ICS Cleaning and Diversified Natural Products, Inc. (DNP); (3) Dell and Comcast; (4) Bank of America and Delta Air Lines; and (5) Exxon Mobil and SBC Communications/ AT&T. After reviewing the growth and issues derived from these organizations, this paper will assess how their decision to go ?green' is comparable as well as contrasting to that of InterClean.

[...] CONCLUSION Across-the-board leadership engagement and new value development organizes a company through changes, like InterClean's changing over to a ?customer solutions/service model. In the race to bring market share and globalize, InterClean follows companies that have restructured into new channels of business. Based on the findings, the lack of communication and unstructured business tactics illustrated by each of the organization's created issues within their organization. These companies all have similar goals of presenting their organization as environmentally safe and fulfilling to the consumers. [...]

[...] Effective policy development in human resources has enabled environmentally-safe training and skill development of staff to play a paramount role in the organizational success of ICS. train our staff about the responsibility in adhering to good environmental practices? (Living Clean p. 1). The comprehensive training in its organizing for success includes the human resources offering of advanced user friendly software as a training supplement. use independent employment consultants to ensure full regulatory compliance for our staff? (Living Clean p. 1). [...]

[...] Under the criterion/theme, ?Evaluate Recruiting and Selection Alternatives,? I have chosen the topic of ?Recruiter Traits and Behaviors.? The issue identified from the scenario is that InterClean has a new deadline of 90 to 180 days to combine current employees and hire new employees into teams which will roll out all new plans and ideas. Such as service packages as well as observing and implementing new cleaning regulations with guidelines given by OSHA. Doing this will require the company do to some fast paced recruiting to fill new jobs, and replace current jobs with experienced people. [...]

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