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How did HRM allow Alcatel to adapt to changes posed by the changing market?

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We were on the lookout for a company that was willing to provide us with the information for our investigation file. We had a consultant in our midst, who put us in contact with several companies like Bouygues, Dassault and Alcatel. We wrote several letters explaining the purpose of our approach to these companies. The interlocutors with whom we had to maintain contact, took up the responsibility of passing the letters on, to various companies. Finally, Alcatel agreed to let us in. But we did not know the structure matrix of Alcatel as it has many departments.

All the departments are represented by the legal entity, Alcatel CIT. After defining the problem that we wanted to discuss, we quickly got an interview with Tony Buswell, in late November. Tony Buswell is the HRD head for Alcatel Transport Solutions Department (TSD), present at the Velizy site. This division of Alcatel focuses solely on transmission systems and signaling. Unfortunately for us, it just turned out that the interview enabled us to only collect information on Alcatel in general.

However, after the interview, we were told that we would be put in touch with an HR manager, who had handled the issue that interested us.
After more than three weeks of waiting, without being contacted again, we tried to get an interview by ourselves with a Human Resources Director of Alcatel CIT; however, we were quick to understand that it was not the most opportune moment: the company is rapidly merging with Lucent, and subsequently, the HR division was overwhelmed.

Following this setback, we returned to the people of TSD who were the most cooperative of the lot so that we have ensured that they had taken the necessary steps so that we could enter into relationship with the desired person. In a final attempt (after more than a week without news) we managed to contact Stone Chatellu, an HR Director responsible for our answer, who agreed to meet us and showed a real desire to help.

During this interview, he was able to answer only some of our questions and was not really concerned by the rest. We were then put in touch with Philip Fizelier, who also turned out to be not really aware of the Fabless movement within Alcatel, something that had happened a few years ago.

So we met many difficulties in obtaining interviews, and more, it was found that some partners were not able to respond to us specifically on the topics we were interested in. And chronologically:
-The first interview with Tony Buswell after realizing he was not in possession of sufficient information relevant to our problem and we decided to improvise a few questions to obtain information about Alcatel in general (cf. maintenance).
-The second interview with Pierre de Chatellu: This is a Human Resources Director who knew about the skills in the business and was very able to answer our questions.

Tags: Alcatel Transport Solutions Department (TSD), HRM in Alcatel

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