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An analysis of the leadership styles at CASH & HAWK

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  1. Introduction
    1. Leadership and leaders
  2. Understanding of how leaders lead
    1. Self skills, relation skills, strategic thinking skills and systematic thinking
  3. Leadership styles at work in Al-Marai
    1. Leadership style on a strategic level
    2. Leadership style on an operational level
    3. Leadership style on front line level
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

Organizations need to strive to change and find new ways and venues to keep a competitive edge. The change that organizations need to go through is in itself difficult. All types of supply for customer demand, organizations, firms, companies?etc. are titles given to groups of individuals who work together to serve a purpose. These individuals are a mixture of cultures, ethics, morals, needs, emotions, and hopes along with numerous characteristics that define what humans are. They fear change because, usually, it means that familiar working practice, routines, and individual comfort environment will not be the same (Hopper 2000). For change to take place, people must be driven to change by motivating them in more than one way and thus leaders need to exist (Tichy 1997).

It is true that one person alone cannot change a moderate-sized organization, nevertheless the world. It takes the concentrated ideas, enthusiasm, and energy of many people. However, without a leader, the movement does not get started in the first place, or dies quickly due to lack of direction or momentum. Without leaders, good results are unsustainable and a matter of random chance (Tichy 1997).

[...] And both CASH and HAWK have involved all levels of employment in their vision and have managed to direct all efforts to a common goal of achieving excellence Conclusion Successful leaders cannot depend on one style of leadership, their style must depend entirely on the situation at hand and what needs to be achieved. Also, leaders need to develop people around them in order to cultivate an environment where elements of success are always available. In summery, leadership styles will result in creating an element that the leader is aiming for to achieve the vision. [...]

[...] CASH would call a meeting to identify possible sources of the problem. He would roll up his sleeves and walk in departments inspecting lines, pipes, tanks, valves, and pumps in an attempt to work with and help assigned teems identify the source of the problem. Even though, CASH would point out issues with how operators do things directly and on the spot with or without the presence of middle management, he would use humorous sarcasm yet assertive enforcement to correct issues. [...]

[...] Leadership styles of leaders depend entirely on the situation at hand and what needs to be achieved Leadership styles at work in Al-Marai Working in Al-Marai requires managerial and leadership skills to keep the business at a competitive edge with different competitors and to keep a strong presence in the market. The operation division in Al-Marai has had many general managers, within its structure, throughout the business progression; two specific General Managers within operations, have been identified to exemplify how different management styles contributed to management processes. [...]

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