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An examination of the company De Chazal and Du Mee

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  1. Company profile
    1. Vision of DCDM and Co. Ltd
    2. Mission of DCDM and Co. Ltd
    3. Core values
  2. History
  3. Presence of DCDM and Co. Ltd in the Indian Ocean and in Africa
  4. Composition of DCDM and Co. Ltd
    1. A knowledge-based organisation
  5. Financial performance
  6. Human resources
  7. Training
  8. Language
  9. Nationality
  10. Market offerings: The service lines of DCDM and Co. Ltd
    1. Compliance services
    2. Corporate advisory services
    3. Business and technology consulting services
  11. Industries in which DCDM and Co. Ltd operates
    1. AgriBusiness
    2. Financial services
    3. Government services
    4. Consumer and industrial products
    5. Public infrastructure
    6. Natural resources
    7. Real estate, hospitality and leisure
  12. Type and form of the company and an analysis of the organizational structure
    1. Private limited company
    2. Board of directors: Some facts
    3. Audit business services
    4. Management advisory services
    5. Management committee
    6. Multiconsult ltd
    7. DCDM business schools
  13. Overview: Business model of DCDM and Co. Ltd in Africa
  14. Analysis of the organizational structure
    1. Product/services division
    2. Geographic divisions
    3. Functional divisions
    4. Marketing division
    5. Human resource division
    6. IT division
  15. Case study: The growing problem of job dissatisfaction and low employee motivation faced by the HR division
    1. Statement of the problem
    2. Factors leading to low job satisfaction and motivation
    3. Possible solutions that would increase employee satisfaction and motivation
    4. Identification of enablers and obstacles and the formulation of some strategies and tactics.
  16. Obstacles
    1. Team work
    2. Communication
    3. Technology
    4. Procedures
    5. Customer care
    6. Political/government
    7. Finance
    8. Organization
  17. Enablers
    1. Services
    2. Personal
    3. Logistics
    4. Location
    5. Alliances
    6. Management
    7. Marketing
    8. Human resource
  18. Strategies and tactics
  19. Bibliography

DCDM & Co. Ltd is a value-based organization. The management claims that it is the organization's commitment to strong values that has enabled it to sustain the test of time. Its strong values are embedded in the firm and constitute the very ?genetic code' of the organization. Its founders and directors have always lived up to these values and make sure they are applied on-the-job.

Du Mee, DCDM & Co. Ltd is a pre-eminent firm of Business Consultancy in Mauritius. It is one of the largest professional services organization in the region and has continuously been involved in Africa over the past 35 years. DCDM & Co. Ltd has traditionally been an accounting and auditing firm. DCDM is a multi-disciplinary professional services organization covering Eastern and Southern Africa as well as the Indian Ocean, with more than 1700 professionals in its chartered accounting and business consulting firms in Sub-Saharan Africa and is well established in Malawi, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Chad, Reunion Island, Botswana and Ghana. DCDM & Co. Ltd has the reputation of providing internationally benchmarked business solutions and advice while remaining sensitive to local and regional issues.

As at today, DCDM & Co. Ltd is by far the most important accounting and auditing and Business consultancy firm in Mauritius. Most of the blue chip companies and the major Group of companies in Mauritius are its clients. Almost two third of the top 100 companies in Mauritius and 8 out of the first 10 companies are its clients.

[...] Training and Development Business Process Consulting Business Process Consulting can provide added value in the following: o Business Process re-engineering as a result of organizational change and newly set strategies o Process Re-alignment following strategic rethinking and radical redesign of business processes o Process review before IT implementation with a view to ensure that all existing or redesigned business processes operate within an IT environment that supports those processes optimally and reliably o Elaboration of Procedures Manual that details out in a logical manner the process flow and relevant activities. [...]

[...] Ltd follows an Individual marketing strategy whereby it customizes its services according to the specific needs and requirements of its clients. It is usually after a series of meetings and interactions between DCDM & Co. Ltd's consultants and clients that it is decided upon as to which combination of services would best suit the client. DCDM & Co. Ltd positions its market offerings by continuous effort so as to differentiate its services. As a matter of fact, DCDM & Co. [...]

[...] The functional activities to be done to reach the goals of the company are in fact trusted to functional divisions by the Management Committee and the Board of Directors. DCDM & Co. Ltd has broken down its organization into various divisions on the basis of product/services being offered as illustrated below: Product/Services Division It can be also be said that DCDM has undertaken a Divisional Structure on the basis of region. This is illustrated below: Geographic Divisions Within this divisional structure each unit is operating as an almost semi- autonomous unit and a profit center. [...]

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