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An exploratory study on consumer psychological contracts

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Hypotheses
    1. A consumer expectation and a consumer psychological contract
    2. A psychological contract breach, the recovery effort of enterprise and the consumer psychological behavior
    3. A consumer psychological contract and the marketing environment
  4. Method
    1. Measures
    2. Sample
    3. Analyses
  5. Results and discussion
    1. Relations between a consumer expectation and a consumer psychological contract
    2. A psychological contract breach and the consumer behavior of keeping away, the relations between the recovery effort and recovery effect
    3. Relation between a consumer psychological contract and the marketing environment
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

The concept of the psychological contract is widely applied in organizational research. This article explores the consumer psychological contract in marketing context. Some situations are designed in a questionnaire and the data are analyzed. The findings show that whether the consumer expectation belonging to a psychological contract depends on the consumer's attribution. A psychological contract breach may result in consumer's intention of keeping away from the enterprise. And the recovery effort has a significant positive relation with the recovery effect of a violated consumer psychological contract. The research also implies that consumer psychological contract is close related with marketing environment. Key Words Consumer psychological contract expectation, psychological contract breach, marketing environment

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[...] Situation Perceiving your displeasure, the seller says sorry to you cordially and promises that they will not only provide you home delivery as soon as the garment is replenished again, but also give you an additional discount. You will feel: scales same with Situation 4. Situation If you go to a slap-up restaurant, please choice: the lowest level of the meal quality you can accept, the highest price that you can accept, the lowest service quality you can accept, the lowest service efficiency you can accept, the worst dining environment you can accept: very low, low, ordinary, high, (5)very high. [...]

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