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An investigation into the Informatics Industry Sector: The case of Apple

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  1. Introduction
    1. Line of work
    2. Apple management
    3. The apple vision
  2. Marketing audit
    1. Internal analysis
    2. External analysis
  3. Where is Apple compared with its competitors? (O'Grady 2008)
    1. Marketing mix
    2. SWOT analysis
  4. Conclusion
  5. Recommendations

Apple Computer Incorporation is an innovative company settled in the media and high technology world. It is the seventh biggest company in the world which is present in hardware and software as well as online services. The fact that Apple practices different activities does not help to exactly know the main strategic axis. Indeed, it is unclassifiable: we may wonder whether it is a company of software publishers such as Microsoft or Adobe, or a manufacturer of appliances such as Sony or Siemens or services provider such as Youtube.

The objective of this report is to analyse Apple's current marketing activities in the context of its competitive and broader operating environments. I will present this in the form of a marketing audit by considering John Harvey-Jones' (1992) idea: ?There is no point in deciding where your business is going until you have actually decided with great clarity where you are now."

The purpose of this audit will be to capture ?trends'. Indeed, the objective is to carry out an examination of the market environment and the company's marketing strategy and operations. This way, we have to know and understand the dynamics of the external environment in which Apple will have to adapt and to evaluate past performance and present activities (Kotler, Armstrong, Wrong, Saunders 2008). Therefore and considering the size of the brand, the purpose will be to establish a marketing audit based on the global strategy and policy of Apple.

On one hand, I will analyse Apple's problem areas and opportunities through an internal and an external analysis to determine how a new project is being approached.

On the other hand, I will propose some recommendations to develop the marketing strategy and to settle a plan of action for performance improvement.

[...] Strength and Weaknesses: Organizational level The excellence of its human resources Apple attracts a wide part of the biggest talents of the informatics sector. Indeed, the company engaged Couch from the HP Company. This way programmers of HP went to Apple. For example, Wayne Rosing, who was the Chief Engineer at Digital Equipment, signed up for Apple. Therefore, all of his employees followed him to Apple. In addition to that engineers from society Xerox Lawrence g. Tesler were recruited. We understand that Apple provides a high capacity in terms of innovation (Schuler, Jackson 2007) The size and the feature synergy of Apple In 1981, by choosing the vertical integration instead of the horizontal integration, the company had entered the software market. [...]

[...] Finally, we may infer that Apple will work in the development of a virtual generation. Threat The report of the International work office denounces the bad working conditions of employees and subcontractors, especially in developing countries. The consumer's volatility Porter's five forces: Here, we analyz the PEST analysis. It appears necessary to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition and to determine the competitive structure of Apple market. (Ahlstrom & Burton, 2009). Understanding the nature of each of these forces gives organizations the necessary insights to enable them to formulate the appropriate strategies to be successful in their market (Thurlby,1998). [...]

[...] Furthermore, there are some informatics lessons being provided at schools. Threat Given the price of Apple computers, students learn informatics on PCs; regardless of the institutions they attend (University, college, or high school). Economical The informatics international market is more developed and is gaining importance. Threat The global current economic crisis. The dollar exchange rate. The decline of the household's purchasing power. Legal The opening borders to import. Threat There is more and more convention and norms in terms of components, compliance and security. [...]

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