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An overview of the departments in hotel/hospitality industry

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  1. Introduction
  2. Hospitality industry
    1. A brief history
    2. Hotel classification
  3. Services offered by the hospitality industry
    1. Accommodation
    2. Food services
    3. Entertainment
    4. Recreation
    5. Relaxation
    6. Functions and banquets
    7. Conference facilities
  4. Front office
    1. Accommodation manager
    2. Lobby manager
    3. Reception
    4. Room reservation
    5. Business center
    6. Telephone operators
    7. Bell desk
  5. Beverages department
    1. The production department
    2. Restaurant manager
    3. Banquet manager
  6. House keeping
  7. Food production
  8. Accounts and materials management
  9. Stores
  10. Hotel maintenance
  11. Personnel department
    1. Recruitment
    2. Sources of recruitment
    3. Selection
    4. Induction
  12. Phases of induction program
    1. General induction
    2. Specific induction
    3. Training and development
    4. Performance appraisal
  13. Hotel's major HR polices
    1. Holidays / vacation
    2. Cafeteria timings
    3. Identity card
    4. Absenteeism
    5. Smoking
    6. Grievance handling
  14. Security department
  15. Conclusion

In today's shrinking world fast moving airlines, Passenger-ship, trains, buses and automobiles carry travelers all over the world on extra pleasure or business trips. This traveler requires food, lodging and service of good standards at a reasonable price. Hotel management today is controlled by computers data processors, which spend out continuous stream of information on unit cost, budgets, payroll control systems, developments endeavoring to anticipate future trends. It is a fiercely competitive business, every operator claiming for maximum occupancy and profitability. The goal is achieved by improving efficiency within the establishment by offering the highest standard of accommodation facilities and serve at competitive prices. Most of the travelers now-a-days are not just the tourists or sightseers but many of the travelers are business professionals whose business interests and professions taken them to nook and corners of this world. They are the new breed of travelers.

Hospitality industry goes back along way. In 896 BC, when the Assyrian emperor, Assurnasirpal II, completed his new capital city call Nirmud, he invited guests from every corner of his kingdom to come to the capital for the inaugural celebrations. A stone tablet records that 69,574 tourist responded to the emperor's invitation and spend 10 days on an all inclusive ?group tour' of Nirmud and its attractions.

[...] Under him there will be a Sous Chef, who is in charge of the preparation of the menu given by the Executive Chef. Functions Executive Chef Preparation of Menu Sous Chef Allocation of Work Chef D Partie Preparation of recipe Commis Preparation of Food ACCOUNTS AND MATERIAL STRUCTURE ACCOUNTS AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT A hotel's accounting division monitors the financial activities of the property. A hotel that performs its accounting work on the premises will employ a larger accounting staff with a higher level of responsibility. [...]

[...] Other functions include billing, reservation of rooms, coordinating with different departments and helping the management of the hotel. Room Reservation: The basic function of this section is to sell rooms, which includes processing reservations and all communications with the persons seeking the accommodation of the hotel, registering guests and assigning rooms. Business Center: This section maintains an up to date accounting of each guest's accounts, cashes, cheques for the guests, verifies the daily outstanding accounts receivable, renders the daily reports to the management and collects payments from the guests. [...]

[...] More and more domestic travelers are spending their vacations in different parts of the country in an unprecedented manner. All these factors are helping the hospitality industry grow more and more. Services offered by the Hospitality Industry: 1. Accommodation The basic hospitality product is accommodation. This is offered in the form of hotel rooms or, more properly, the license to use the hotel room for a period of time. This period is usually defined as night? although it is usually for 24 hours Food Services Food service is taking of food and beverages to the guests while they are seated or to their respective rooms. [...]

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