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Analysis of E-business at Dell, HP and IBM

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It is now recognized that new technologies, especially Internet access, tend to modify communication between the various players in the professional-consumer relationship.

E-business (electronic business) is a broad concept that could be synthesized by the use of electronic means (especially information technology) to conduct business.

It is often the internet technologies and the web that come to mind in this regard, but in fact almost all electronic technologies are involved in e-business. The term "eBusiness" was coined by Lou Gerstner, the Chairman of IBM.

The methods proposed by the e-business enables companies to implement their processes more efficiently and with greater flexibility, both internally and with external entities. These methods work more closely with suppliers and partners in order to best meet the needs and expectations.

In practice, the use of e-commerce is leading to new revenue sources, improving relationships with customers and partners and improved efficiency the use of knowledge management systems.

The e-business can be deployed across the public Internet, internal network (intranet) or external (extranet) means of electronic communication. It is not confined to e-commerce and also covers all processes involved in the value chain.

IBM's commitment in research goes beyond pure invention. IBM aims for innovation-application of the invention and its translation into practice. The challenge is to provide a service capable of delivering a true innovation in use, value added and relying on advanced technology.

IBM has created an entity "On Demand Innovation Services? to combine the expertise of its researchers and those of its consultants.

Dell has significantly expanded its product offering. Besides computers that is the main activity of the company, Dell offers infrastructure solutions designed around servers, storage arrays, networks and services.

Thecustomer places his order on the internet or telephone by choosing the configuration that suits him. A unique identification number is assigned to it. With its Custom Factory Integration service, all software and partner applications can be installed on Dell systems directly to the factory. Each system is then tested and delivered to the customer within three days.

With its wide range of services, Dell is now the single point of contact for its clients in all their IT problems throughout the life cycle of the solutions they adopt. Council on infrastructure choicestechnology, migration, server consolidation to recycling materials at the end of life.

Through the dissemination of a range of products, services and solutions of the highest quality, innovative and always at the forefront of technology, HP aims to provide greater value to its customers to earn their respect and loyalty.

HP offers a targeted mass market (consumer) and the business market (small enterprises, SMEs, large companies, public sector).

HP also has on offer a range of products and services to simplify access to technology (ease of use, interoperability and connectivity) to allow everyone to exploit all the new possibilities offered by e-digital.

For businesses HP has a range of professional products, innovative services and solutions, complete and responsive to current and future needs that are specific to the company in terms of business.

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