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Are customer’s management softwares and quality customer service key elements to gain customer’s satisfaction and build loyalty?

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
    1. Aim and objectives of the report
    2. Outline of the paper
  3. Literature review
    1. Introduction
    2. Example of the Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)
    3. Quality customer service
    4. Customer's satisfaction
    5. Customer loyalty
    6. Conclusion
  4. Methodology
    1. Introduction
    2. Research objectives
    3. Research philosophy
    4. Research approaches
    5. Research strategy
    6. Research methods
    7. Ethical considerations
  5. Analysis findings
    1. Introduction
    2. Customer analysis
    3. Business analysis
  6. Conclusion and recommendation
  7. Rreferences
  8. Appendix

Nowadays, companies possess lot of tools in order to gain customer's satisfaction and build loyalty. They understood that they have to focus on customers in order to increase profit more than before. Indeed, by focusing on customer's satisfaction they build loyalty and a long-term relationship. And customer's loyalty is the key objective for any company.

This report focuses on two different ways to gain customer's satisfaction in order to build loyalty: customer's management software with the example of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and quality customer service. This study explores a wide range of literature, which has reviewed theories and concepts of the CRM process, quality customer service, customer's satisfaction and at the end customers' loyalty.

Semi- structured interviews of four customers and one business were conducted to be aware of customer?s perceptions about quality customer service and loyalty and to identify the way, companies use to meet customers' satisfaction in order to build loyalty. In accordance to these interviews, the two different perspectives were fore grounded.

The results of the interviews indicated that according to customers a quality customer service is essential to gain their satisfaction and if firms want to build loyalty and meet customers' satisfaction. All the notions of customer service, satisfaction and loyalty are linked and each notion engenders the next one. According to the company, the presence of software is an obligation to meet customer's satisfaction. It is the most efficient way to recognize customers' needs and so to build loyalty through their satisfaction.

[...] The customer's interviews will underline the main research analysis: Quality customer service as a key element to gain customer satisfaction in order to build loyalty Customer service What kind of service do you expect from a company as a customer, and why? What is the element which influences you to expect a quality customer service? What do you principally expect from a quality service? Customer's satisfaction What does a company have to provide you to meet your satisfaction? Does your satisfaction engender your loyalty? [...]

[...] This included the customer's standpoint about the importance of a quality customer service in the satisfaction process and company experience on its process to build loyalty and on its use of a customer's management software. Since these objectives related more to an understanding of customers' satisfaction and customers' needs, the best research method appeared to be the qualitative approach. Four semi-structured interviews were conducted among different customers and one semi-structured business interview was done. The data were analyzed by grouping them in main areas. [...]

[...] So according to this student, the key element of customers' loyalty is a quality customer service; all the determinants of a quality service are the base to build loyalty. This analyse is the argument follows through the previous literature review MIDDLE CLASS PERSPECTIVE The Pakistani male feels loyal to Dell. The reasons for this loyalty are numerous but the must important one is the quality of the after sale service. Indeed, each time he had a problem with his computer, the company resolved it quickly. [...]

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