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Assessing and improving customer satisfaction

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  1. Introduction
  2. The need for customer satisfaction
  3. The impact of monetary satisfaction of customers
  4. Satisfying customers better
  5. The tools to assess and improve customer satisfaction
    1. Identifying more precisely the needs of the client
    2. Evaluating satisfaction or non-customer satisfaction
  6. Examples
    1. Identify customer needs
    2. Satisfaction survey and improvement plan
  7. Tips

In a world of commercial competition at present, customer satisfaction is a key data that leads to business success. The manager needs to provide tools to determine objectively and accurately the needs of his customers and determine their satisfaction and track improvements that would have been necessary to put in place to improve its customer relations (VAS , quality control etc).

[...] This step, is sometimes called the specification definition, it is the basis for any work to best meet the customer expectations. Without knowing them, it is impossible to satisfy the expectations of a customer. -In the case of any satisfaction survey, two, three or four questions may sometimes be sufficient. They can cover various issues such as: - The total cost of delivery - The quality of the service or the service performed - The adequacy in relation to the specifications defined at the outset - Respect of deadlines. [...]

[...] Once we clearly identify the customer needs, it is easier for the entrepreneur to implement the actions or adjustments which will allow him to bring up a higher percentage of satisfied customers, and thereby , reduce costs associated with non-customer satisfaction we have seen previously. Find the tools to assess and improve customer satisfaction 1. Identifying more precisely the needs of the client before making a products and market a service This study is usually performed during the initial conception of a service or product. [...]

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