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Brand examination: Case of Australia Post

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  1. Introduction
  2. Market Segment
    1. Segment size
    2. Location
    3. Industry trend
  3. Brand positioning
    1. Competitive positions
    2. Positioning attributes
    3. Image perceptions
  4. Recommendations

Established in 1809, Australia Post now operates in three major areas: ?letters and associated services; retail merchandising and agency services; and parcels and logistics' ( One of the visions of Australia Post is to be dedicated to offering quality parcels and mail services to all Australians by building ?a progressive commercial corporation to yield customer satisfaction'.

Australia Post is a complete government enterprise funded by the people. Ever since it was established, Australia Post has aimed to provide affordable and reliable mailing services around the country. Meanwhile, the corporation has several sponsorship programs and activities that reside within local, regional and national areas to communicate key messages and themes as well as offer opportunities for marketing its own products and services.

The purpose of the report is to conduct an overarching brand audit of Australia Post by looking into its current market segmentation and brand positioning strategies, finding existing problems that hinder the development of its brand equity as well as coming up with recommendations to better manage the national brand.

[...] In a nutshell, Australia Post currently does not have effectively marketing programs and the recent brand campaign did not successfully reside the brand image and recall into target audience's consideration set despite its appealing creatives Positioning attributes To stand out among competitors such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS, Australia Post aims at creating ongoing services and products that can meet the need of all Australian consumers and communities at a reasonable price. Therefore, exhibit 2 illustrates Australia Post's brand attributes in the positioning map. [...]

[...] In addition, emerging technological factors such as distribution technologies and electronic messaging will make the survival even grimmer, when faced with technology-savvy competitors such as DHL and FedEx Brand positioning 3.1 Competitive positions For competitive strategies, Australia Post aims to emphasize the consistent high-quality services which are part of its mission statement and blend the brand awareness into people's every day. Thus, by implementing the competitive tactics, the company can differentiate itself from major competitors when price reduction seems to be the last resort. [...]

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