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Clinical gestalt with individuals’ and systems

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  1. Introduction
  2. Human service professionals
  3. Planning goals for a client
  4. A non judgmental policy
  5. Classified as mentally
  6. The form of handicap disability
  7. The initiative to report the matter to higher officials in the community
  8. The two types of experience
  9. Conclusion
  10. References

The profession of Human Services seeks to improve the accountability and accessibility among agencies and professionals in service delivery. The Human Services field allows a working professional to examine personal values and beliefs. This personal area in which there is room for growth will be applied to how the professional chooses to service the client.

[...] In addressing the text exercises 4.3 and a clinical repose from a Human Services Management perspective would gear my focus towards getting to the root of the given situation pertaining to each client. We as professionals tend to assume at first attempt when observing a circumstance dealing with a client. By taking a closer look and examining the background insight of the client's environment and family involvement, the underlying truth will unfold in determining the reasons of a client's challenges. [...]

[...] The usage of both counseling and medication should allow this person to be able to function in society with the general population. In society, being classified as mentally ill or disabled would be out of the social norm. I do believe that anyone can end up in a situation leading to impairment in mental state if a drastic event takes place where a person's mind just loses all focus. It is evident based on studies proposed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that mental health issues are most common in teenagers all the way to beyond adulthood stage. [...]

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