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Communication agencies of Morocco

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  1. The internal analysis of Michelin
    1. The ethics of Michelin.
    2. Competitive financial, technical and commercial aspects
    3. Segmentation
    4. Portfolio of products and 4Ps of Michelin
    5. Strengths / Weaknesses of Michelin
  2. The external analysis of Michelin
    1. Microenvironment: Michelin's partners
    2. Market opportunities and threats by the PESTEL method
    3. Competitive analysis and Porter's five forces
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Strategic decisions undertaken by Michelin on SBA
    1. Passenger Vehicles
    2. Heavy Load
    3. Specialty tires
    4. Other group activities

A communication agency is responsible for guiding businesses, communities and associations to develop their internal and external communication. As a part of developing internal communication in a business, these agencies help in aligning the employees with business objectives. As part of their external communication, these agencies promote the image of the company among the public, external partners, suppliers, etc.

Global communication agencies offer to take over all the communication needs of an enterprise. Five important tools in the field of communication help the communication agencies to meet their objectives. They are: Communication audit and counseling; global communications, which helps in taking care of corporate communication, brand communication, event communication, corporate and financial communication; the graphic studio, which has features like visual design, special effects, retouching and image processing, object identification, virtual intelligence etc.; the internet, which helps in creating and showcasing websites, e-commerce; and multimedia (e-card, CDROM).

Communication agencies also have different policies which are subjected to constant change. This allows them to follow the fluctuations in the market, keep a track of new technologies and keep a tab on the ever-changing desires of the consumers.

The communication sector is developing in Morocco. There are no fewer than a hundred communication agencies in Morocco, with a few of them being affiliated to international groups. Some agencies stand out and appear to be formidable competitors for fledgling agencies. Some of the agencies in the market, which can give the other agencies a good run for their money are: Klem Euro RSCG, Shem's, Mosaik, Zone Bleue DDB and Saga. Some of the other agencies that count are: Altair, TBWA/Alif, Capricorn, JWT, Leo Burnett, Publicis, etc. These agencies are mostly members of global communication groups.

Communication agencies are independent bodies, composed of specialists on behalf of advertisers, design, implementation, and monitoring advertising campaigns. Agencies include both technical services (studies, design, manufacturing, media strategy, media planning and buying media space) and business services are in contact with advertisers to target setting, budgeting and the communication strategy.

Agencies are generally independent: they have no direct connection not with advertisers or with the media and this is to ensure some objectivity in their analysis and choice. However, in some cases, there are close links between advertisers and agencies that are the result of some vested interests that have been granted to the agencies for obtaining budgets.

Traditionally, advertising agencies were paid a percentage (15% in most cases) taken from the media budget. With the development of central buying, specialized in that role, more and more agencies now prefer to pay the allotted time. However, this practice is still uncommon in Morocco.
As for the salaries of communication agencies, they are very different depending on the positions held. The differences can be significant depending on the extent of work performed.

First Class Event is a communications consulting agency founded inJanuary 2004 under the status of a limited liability company (LLC). Comprising a staff of 19, the agency has over the years to gain experience and maturity grouping in the space of five years among the best profiles both in Morocco and abroad, eager to offer its customers high quality services.

Tags: Communication, advertising, Moroccon advertising agency, internship at First Class Event, communication agency

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