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Company Culture : The Schein and Bateson theory

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Company culture is often a diversified concept. Indeed, one can observe and infer the culture of a company through multiple circumstances. To cite an example, during client visits and negotiations between entities, culture is a significant determinant. However, culture is a difficult field to comprehend. This realm is such a diverse area that it can range from posted values to the behavior of employees and employers and finally the work ethics. In an environment where change is inevitable, culture is a force used to fuel change. Let us consider an economic scenario which consists of a combination of mixed fusions of discords between leadership teams, change as a plan of action and not as an implementation of an isolated management system.

All these situations in a nutshell sum up the concept of culture. Managing cultures is a strategic and tactical challenge. Thus, the research on the approach adopted by Schein and Bateson helps in understanding cross cultures across companies. With this concept in mind, we will focus on the life history of the two authors in part one of the report. The second part will eventually deal with the concepts, limits and hypothesis that can be drawn from the thoughts of these two authors.

We'll start by defining the term "culture" to clearly define our subject. When we talk about culture, we generally refer to the development model that reflects a society's system of knowledge, ideology, values, laws and everyday rituals. The same word is also used to designate a certain degree of sophistication of these emerging systems of beliefs and practices. In French, the word ?culture' already described since the 16th century all the intellectual aspects of civilization. Corporate culture can be defined as the specific elements that explain the basics of how a specific entity functions.
Tags:Corporate culture,Company culture,Schein and Bateson culture theory

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