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Construction management: A case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. The problem for most clients
  3. Picking a professional
  4. The professional offers
  5. The architect's role
  6. The quantity surveyor
  7. The lead consultant in a development project
  8. The bidding
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography

The world of construction management has grown in a multi-billion dollar industry and a force that must be reckoned with for anyone that ever has to deal with a build project. Gone are the days of elusive contractors that may or may not finish a build within the parameters of the project. The modern world of construction management demands quick completion dates and maximum efficiency. To meet this goal, a team of professionals is needed when perhaps in days gone by one could have gotten by with less of a management team.

[...] This is where a quantity surveyor could have added his or her expertise immensely. This person could have come up with a more realistic idea of what the costs would be to replace all of the damaged sills. As such as happens with many construction projections that are bid for in this manner, the actual costs of completing the project were much higher, ?only the actual construction process sets the ultimate quality and cost of the project.? With this type of project, there were many surprises that ended up hurting the project immensely. [...]

[...] The firm that did end up winning the bid and getting the project was the lowest bidder (as is the American standard for government funded projects), however, this company was able to produce a lower bid because they opted for a lead consultant rather than requiring the services of a quantity surveyor an architect. This project has been written about as a case study because of what happened during the bidding process and what the ultimate outcome of the project was. The questions with the case study of the Salt Lake City County Building becomes how well did the winning contractor fair without the use of construction specialists? The bidding included the contractor going through a prequalification process that involved proving their ability to care out the work. [...]

[...] With the constant fluctuation of prices in the current economic climate, not having a professional complete this aspect of the process can lead to serious problems with the actual cost of the project once construction begins. Although the best that the architect can offer is an estimate of the anticipated costs, the architect is the first person that has responsibility for making sure that the project is possible for the specified amount of money. This is a key component to making sure a project actually gets completed. [...]

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