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Consumer behavior: Influence of customer needs, organization motivations and goals

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  1. Introduction
  2. Defining Key Terms
  3. Goods Marketing vs. Services Marketing
  4. Situational Influence on Consumer Behavior
  5. Social Influences on Consumer Behavior
  6. Individual Influence on Consumer Behavior
  7. Conclusion

In today's competitive business environment, the key to a company's survival lies in its ability to identify and influence unsatisfied consumer needs in a marketplace crowded with players. From the marketing/consumer behavior standpoint, there are differences and similarities between promoting goods and services. However, the common ground will be predicting and leveraging consumer needs and motivations in their decision-making process.

Therefore, the purpose of the essay is to define terms/variables, i.e., customer needs, motivations and goals and delve into the joint influences on consumer behavior from the three qualifiers by comparing and contrasting McDonald's and Apple Electronics as two examples illustrating service and product marketing strategies. All of the secondary data are quoted from websites, academic journals and industry research papers.

[...] In short, the mastery of consumers' need and purchase motivation is necessary before mapping out most goods marketing strategies. From the services marketing perspective, McDonalds put a lot of effort in addition to its product development. As mentioned earlier, building long- term customer relationship plays an influential role in services marketing. It is true that massive distribution of coupons can retain some customers. However, unlike other fast-food restaurants, McDonalds is better at keeping constant conversations with customers by engaging with kids. [...]

[...] Individual Influence on Consumer Behavior Last but not least, good knowledge of individual influences on consumer behavior such as psychographic, demographic and lifestyle can make marketers life much easier. Generally, goods marketers should pay particular attention to the study of target audience's demographic information, because these are the key indicators that determine consumer needs, purchase motivation and goals. For example, Apples Electronics have special product features for the disable, such as iPhone magnifier tool to serve the visionaraily-challenged users. This explains the necessity of aligning marketing product user-friendliness with a certain group of consumers' needs. [...]

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