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Corporate gifting: An overview

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  1. Introduction to market and marketing
    1. Marketing research
    2. Consumer behavior and modern market
    3. Major factor influencing consumer behavior
    4. How buyers perceive themselves and products they buy
  2. Industry profile
    1. International gift giving customs
    2. Reasons behind corporate gifting
    3. Key players in the industry
  3. Bibliography

The complexity of management decision-making has greatly increased during recent years throughout the world. This is especially true with respect to the marketing activity is located at the interface between the firm and every changing environment, dynamic factor such as rapidly changing characters of most markets. (Example: Population, Growth, Rising incomes and shift in the age composition); the increase of composition from variety of sources (not only other branch of the same product); and rapidly changing technology give the rise to the growing difficult of making marketing decision.

Most management groups are far removed from their customer the individuals who in the final analysis determine the success or failure. A complicated system of branch offices, whole-seller and retailers operates between the manager and widely scattered customers. Consequently, the executive who must make marketing decisions has no direct contact with the actual or the prospective customer.

The magnitude of marketing problems is increasing. To be successful in the business in the changing environment, it is necessary for the Marketing Executives to know who is customer are, what are their actual requirements and what his competitors are doing etc. It is necessary for the marketing firm, demand for the manufactured product before formulating any marketing strategy. Marketing research achieves this most of the times.

[...] Convenient goods are purchased with very little deliberation quite soon after the need form them is felt. Purchase of major consumer appliances, on the other hand is typically delayed after the need is first felt. Purchase activity is supposed to create a sequence of state-of-mind that brings the buyer closer to the act of purchase. These stages have been described as. Awareness- Knowledge- Linking- Preference- Conviction- Purchase The significance of pre-purchase activity for the marketer is the awareness that needs incubate for a time before crystallizing in purchase action Purchase Decision: Most felt that has a reasonable relationship to the person's mean eventually drive the person to make a purchase. [...]

[...] Stages in buying process: As an act, buying is typically more complicated than any other process. Customer is seen as going form a felt need to purchase feelings. Each step along the way processes a significant challenge to marketing management, both in understanding what is happening and in building an effective marketing programmed to capitalize on what is happening. Felt Need: The significance of felt need for the marketers is to suggest that purchases are boon in a set motivation for more fundamental than the particular product objects. [...]

[...] It is sure to provide creative and innovative gift ideas to suit all budget ranges to cater to both corporate & personal gifting needs ARCHIES Archie's is in the business of manufacturing and selling greeting cards and other social expression products like gifts, posters, diaries etc. The company is presently market leader in social expression industry i.e in greeting cards with more than 50% market share. Archie's greatest strength is its retail reach. The company has around 440 retail outlets spread across 120 cities and 6 countries. [...]

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