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Customers Relation at Gold Jade, a Chinese import-export company

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The company Golden Jade SARL (limited liability company) is an importer-exporter and wholesaler of children's clothing, and a small range of women's shoes. It was launched in 2004 by Madam Chen Lingying with a capital of 12,000 Euros. Originally, it was a family-owned company with 4 employees, launched on the basis of the development of exports in France and worldwide, drawing on China's economic growth.

Thus, the company Jade Gold SARL imports its products primarily in China, and the South East. On the scheme of the Supply Chain, the company is between the supplier (manufacturer) and retailer. Jade Gold Ltd. is located at 85 Avenue Victor Hugo Aubervilliers (93300). So, it is in the vast network of wholesalers, importers and manufacturers of Aubervilliers, outside Paris.

The Aubervilliers center became the first network of importers and wholesale distributors in France in the areas of ready-to-wear clothes, leather goods and fashion accessories. It has performed very well in recent years and has become one of the greatest centers of Europe in the wholesale ready-to-wear segment, and attracts numerous customers from the EU countries.

Within 5 years, the network has grown from 400 stores to over 1000 shops and wholesale importers. The center continues to develop and many real estate projects are currently underway. The company is expected to establish a few hundred shops in the next 3-4 years.

The company Golden Jade is a small family run business, the organization is very simple, and includes a manager, and one person each in charge of sales, purchases and logistics. Although the various functions and tasks are clearly divided, the duties often overlap and tasks are frequently shared among each other owing to the small size of the company.

Wholesale trade is a sector that has grown significantly in recent decades. With globalization, world trade has picked up and inevitably linked to it is the creation of companies and intermediaries who then distribute the goods. Wholesale trade group together companies that neither produce nor consume products. These companies buy mostly from factories in other countries to import and sell in the country where they reside.

Thus, as defined by INSEE, "The wholesale trade is to buy, store and sell goods generally to retailers, professional users (industrial or commercial), communities or to other wholesalers or intermediaries, and this regardless of the quantities sold".Intermediaries for their part, do not buy for their own accounts, they help the person concerned enter into a contract and receive a commission.

Concerning the sector of wholesale trade in France (all goods included), it registered in 2007 a turnover of 627 billion euros, which increased over 2006 by 3.1%. Therefore, it can be pegged down as a growth industry.

As regards the sector of wholesale fashion, it falls into the category of wholesale trade in textiles, clothing and footwear, as these three product categories, although at different levels, are linked commercially and set down by official statistics as a category.

In 2007, France, imports in the clothing sector amounted to over 3.5 billion euros. In 2005, the INSEE counted 7,793 companies in this sector.

Tags: wholesale textile sector, customers Relation at Gold Jade, Chinese export-import

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