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Determining the core activities in the order fulfillment process: An empirical application

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Research hypotheses
  4. Methodology
    1. Area of research and sample
    2. Measure of variables
  5. Analysis and results
  6. Conclusions

This work examines the relationship between internal and relational capabilities and the creation of value to the end consumer in the order fulfillment process. The study is applied to firms manufacturing and distributing food products. This work develops a methodology to identify activities that generate core competences and those that do not, with the aim of improving the management of the supply chain. Moreover, it compares the contributions of core and non-core activities to the creation of value to the end consumer. The results of the study reveal that internal and relational capabilities explain the creation of value to the consumer. The study demonstrates that the core activities generate a more differentiated view of consumer value than those that do not comprise part of the core competences. It also shows that non-core activities complement value to the end consumer.
This work analyzes the extent to which resources and capabilities influence the creation of value to the end consumer from the manager's perspective (Barney, 1991; Grant, 1991; Peteraf, 1993). To that end, we propose an exploratory study in which we consider value from a general perspective. It is necessary to study the way in which the resource and capabilities of each activity in a determined process contribute value to the end consumer from the manager's perspective since it is he who manages the firm's resources. The activities that create value to the end consumer can be linked to the concept of core competences (Prahalad and Hamel).

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