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Diversity in management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Diveristy mamangement
  3. Discrimination of Muslims post 9/11
  4. Conclusion

For centuries, the United States of America has been well known for welcoming foreign people coming from all over the world. For many reasons, the 20th century has been the theater of several Afghan waves in the United States. Indeed, a lot of Afghan people moved to the U.S because of the war, the frail social, economical and political infrastructure. Their aim was to leave a country ravaged by the war and to find a country with educational and professional perspectives. Most of them were very well integrated, adapted very well and found good jobs such as doctors, engineers, professors, restaurants owners?Moreover, for decades, they succeeded in combining American way of life and their own traditions. Unfortunately, because of the 9/11 events their image totally changed and their lives became much more difficult.

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