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Diversity management at the workplace

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  1. Introduction
  2. Major principles in diversity management
  3. Advantages of diversity management
  4. Challenges in diversity management and solutions
  5. HR manager's evolving roles
  6. Conclusions

For Human Resource (HR) managers, managing staff diversity at the workplace has been one of the most important criteria of an organization that offers equal employment opportunities in today's world. Today, successful diversity management has become synonymous with good business strategies and tactics ensuring that market needs can be met and corporate objectives can be accomplished. Through every aspect of the management, it is HR managers' job to cope with changes in the labor market by understanding employees' cultures and values and purging their stereotypes and prejudices.

[...] Jorge (2010) continued to point out that ?affirmative action emphasizes legal necessity and social responsibility; managing diversity emphasizes business necessity.? In brief, managing diversity at the workplace is more inclusive and bears the acknowledgment that diversity must be accepted by everyone. As a general rule, diversity management, in a sense effectively incorporates and absorbs the tensions among conflicts such as "political correctness", setting a stage for the struggle of a long-standing equality (Kersten, 2003). Some of the major principles include defining managing diversity as ?practices to manage people so that the potential advantages of diversity are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized" (Hansan, 2010). [...]

[...] As a result, HR managers and group leaders are often tasked ?with creating and nurturing diverse working environment that motivate members' contribution to the achievement of common work goals.? (Jorge, 2010) Conclusions In today's business environment, diversity management at workplace plays an increasingly pivotal role in providing flexibility and tolerance in all sorts of organizations. Whilst there are both advantages and challenges for HR managers in managing diversity in the workplace, there're still some necessary roles for HR managers and team leaders such as having a deep understanding of managing diversity concepts aligned with the organizational culture, strong recognition that diversity is exhibited through every level of the corporate management. [...]

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