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Employment Contract Suspension and Modification

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  1. Employment contract modifications
    1. Introduction
    2. The main elements of the work contract modifications
    3. Job qualification
    4. Renumeration
  2. What are the motives for work contract modification?
    1. Modification due to economic reasons
    2. Modification due to non-economic reasons
  3. Kinds of economic modifications
  4. Procedures
  5. Employment contract suspension by the employer
    1. Suspension and lay-off
    2. Lock-out
    3. Short-time working

Contract modification is a change made by the employer in the work contract of an employee. There is a difference between modification of work contract and change in the working conditions. The work contract is an agreement between the employer (who has the managing power) and the employee. The modification of this contract can only take place by a mutual consent. The contract cannot be changed unless and until the employee or the employer both agree to change it. The modification is taken into consideration when it includes an essential element (which is cited in the work contract definition) such as qualification (tasks/skills), remuneration, work location, part-time work and job guarantee. Problem for judges: In many cases, it is difficult to see if the nature of the modification is the concern of the essential element or not.

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