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Engineering culture: Fact or fiction?

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
  4. Procedure
  5. Results and discussions
    1. The essence of engineering culture of Apple Inc
    2. The collaborative mindset of the Gerecht lab
    3. The effects of longevity on members of a culture
    4. Longevity of the organization
  6. Conclusion

In order to effectively manage an engineering organization, one must first fully understand its culture. To get an inside view of engineering cultures, we interviewed members of engineering organizations, Apple Inc., Engineers Without Borders, and Gerecht Lab. The effects of culture on personal and work life depend on its level of professionalism: full-time job versus extracurricular activity. Longevity affects a member's view of culture indirectly through advancement in rank. Furthermore, a lack of longevity in a company creates a homogenous view of culture. Sustainable subcultures rely on autonomous projects without united overarching goals and a lack of open communication between groups.

[...] Alan, who has worked as a consultant for the last 25 years, showed little change in opinion about his company or himself. The static nature of his role coupled with the extreme length in tenure imply that longevity itself isn't the factor but instead the change in role that affects members of a culture. Fred supports Jack's changes also by following a similar path through the Apple. Starting as training staff, Fred found the most joy out of simply being part of Apple; whereas now, Fred highly values the competency of his coworkers. [...]

[...] Both were interviewed and recorded in person. Results and Discussion In order to fully understand the essence of engineering culture of Apple Inc., Engineers Without Borders, and Gerecht Lab, we directed our attention towards the following questions: 1. How culture influences the personal and professional lives of its members 2. How longevity affects members of the culture 3. If subcultures exist and how they are sustained Ascribing an encompassing definition to an abstract term like culture is a difficult task. [...]

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