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Entrepreneurship challenge

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  1. Preamble
  2. Summary
  3. Introduction
  4. The 'Easy-Light' Group
  5. Marketing Part
    1. From the idea to the project
    2. Upstream Studies
    3. Mix Marketing
  6. Financial Part
    1. Planning of our needs
    2. Financial prognosis of 'the project'
  7. Conclusion

Working in group was not obvious at the beginning because we needed to be synchronized each other. Nevertheless, we are living in the same place in Mlada Boleslav and it was easy for us to meet each other in order to lead our project, applying the knowledge we got by our teachers in France and by the education in the SKODA AUTO a.s. Vysoka Skola. All long this challenge, we stimulated our imagination in order to find how our product would be indispensable for the every day's life of the consumers. The most important value that we have had to rely was to listen to each other, because listening is an inescapable quality to evolve in a group. The decisions were taken each other and the communication was an essential aspect to lead our project. At first, we chose three concepts, this selection could occur by three steps: - Brainstorming: we found a lot of ideas of products - The concept notion: in order to make evolve our ideas - The product idea: we selected several products ideas to introduce At last, we selected the final product: we voted for this product and we started the studies to develop our product. Face to these steps, the Easy Light's Group shared the work in order to be more dynamic and more efficient. Nevertheless, there were some tensions and difficulties between each other to choose the product which can revolutionize the life of the consumers.

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