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Management and operations of Metro Cleaners Rubbish Collection Company

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Operations and management.
  3. Personnel recruitment and management.
  4. Key motivational factors.
  5. Planning and control.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Recommendations.
  8. References.

Metro Cleaners has been sanctioned to offer rubbish collection services under a new government initiative aimed at procurement of the most efficient and affordable rubbish collection services for Washington D.C. The management of the company is seeking to base the pursuit of its daily tasks and operations on the principles of lean and agile organizations. As such, Metro Cleaners must streamline its overall operations in order to achieve a range of set target and objectives.

[...] Therefore, for the company to be successful, the management and operational structures of Metro Cleaners must be founded on the organizational principles of open systems which recognize the significance of environmental interaction and adaptation. This will ensure that the organization derives optimum utility of resource endowments of the environment but also contribute resources to the environment. This is as opposed to closed systems which place emphasis on autonomy, comely locking out important factors of the external environment. Therefore, this report will assume a three-pronged approach namely; personnel recruitment, key motivational factors as well as planning and control to analyze and recommend the best management practices suitable for the successful and profitable operations of Metro Cleaners. [...]

[...] Metro Cleaners will definitely require a fleet of Lorries and vans to meet the responsibility of collecting rubbish in the entire Washington D.C . The company can cut down the costs of capital acquisition as well as equipment maintenance costs by leasing Lorries and other heavy equipments such as caterpillar and loaders. Machinery and equipment leasing is a cost reduction strategy that can be traced in the concept of lean organizations advocates for ?reducing and where possible, totally eliminating waste from business processes as evidenced by the Toyota Production System (TPS) which places emphasis on the efficient resource utility achieved through scheduled limits' (Christopher, Peck & Towill p. [...]

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