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Management education in the LPG era

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  1. Introduction
  2. Management education - Present position
    1. Growth in the number of colleges offering management courses
    2. Shortage of experienced and dedicated faculty on regular basis
    3. Traditional teaching methods
    4. High teacher-student ratio
    5. Commercialization of the courses
    6. Existing curriculum and syllabi
    7. Lack of research culture
    8. Traditional examination and evaluation system
    9. Inadequate practical orientation
  3. Management education - prospects
    1. Curriculum and syllabi development
    2. Innovative teaching methods
    3. Practicals through business lab
    4. Research and development
    5. Industry exposure to faculty
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Management Education in began with the objective of developing certain abilities into people to manage the business affairs well. It started with the goal of providing the much needed professional managers in the wake of planned industrial development.
Management Education has become very important in running the business of the country. Its contribution to the economic growth is well recognized. Value addition is possible through education at different levels and Management Education is one of the important areas of value creation. In the field of education, management theory is very close to the practice. Large number of institutions, both private and government are providing management education both at graduate and post graduate levels.

[...] Naturally, they do not be more enthusiastic in learning the management subjects and acquiring the management skills. In turn, such students are not able to make a separate mark and quality of output will be adversely affected. Management Education- prospects It is, indeed agreed by one and all that the graduate management education is at the cross roads and is suffering from various ailments. What is needed is the speedy action (both short term and long term) for its relevance and usefulness particularly in view of the new challenges in the context of globalization. [...]

[...] As the quality of management education provided is dependent to a larger extent on provision of necessary infrastructure, before starting the courses, attention has to be paid for this aspect, otherwise the quality of output will also suffer to a considerable extent. Industry Exposure to Faculty The colleges can send the faculty for industries to acquire industry exposure. Industries should allow the business schools to send their faculty members to the industry to have exposure in their specialized functional area. [...]

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