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Mompreneurship: Moroccan mompreneurs in the argan oil industry

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  1. What does mompreneurship mean?
  2. Mompreneurship in Argan oil case study
  3. Successful mompreneurship business models
  4. Argan oil in-house selling business model
  5. Intercultural differences in mompreneurship

Labor or the business world as a whole has always been associated to men regardless of the major role that plays the wife in contributing to the economic growth. Nowadays, we're facing a new concept which is Mompreneurship- Mothers are being more and more demanding, active and creative in the business area. This case study of Moroccan mompreneurs from the rural area will show us how women can manage to orient the activities of her entrepreneurial experience to her family.

[...] She used to work as an institutor in an elementary school in the city center of Agadir. When she knew that she's pregnant, Fatema decided to stop her work. She just wanted to be there for her little baby and enjoy each and every single little moment with her new family. But Fatema couldn't just stay home as a typical housewife. Taken by frustration and motivated to ameliorate her life and her baby's life, she decided to start a business. [...]

[...] Korsgaard ST (2007) Mompreneurship as a Challenge to the Growth Ideology of Entrepreneurship. Kontur, 16: 42-46. Mompreneurs: Mixing Business & Pleasure With Trunk Shows Sandy Abrams Mompreneurs: Mixing Business & Pleasure With Trunk Shows Sandy Abrams. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 December 2015]. Moms Who Want to be Successful Entrepreneurs: "Mompreneurs" Creative Path to Growth. 2015.Moms Who Want to be Successful Entrepreneurs: "Mompreneurs" Creative Path to Growth. [ONLINE] Available at: Schindehutte Morris & Brennan C (2003) Entreprenuers and motherhood: Impacts on their children in South Africa and the United States. [...]

[...] Entrepreneurship and Innovation What Business model from the above would be key of success for our mompreneur in the Argan Oil industry ? As long as i'm concerned, i believe that the perfect business model that would suit Fatema's Business is the Trunk Show business model. Reasons would be that since she's having a baby, she would surely prefer spending time with her child. Secondly, since she knows the production process of the argan oil she is even able to make it byherself but still she might need the help of someone. [...]

[...] The main benefit of this type of selling would be that work frequently is associated to spending the evening with women (costumers), enjoying cocktails and trying the product or service offered by experiencing its confort. In genelral this type of business model is usually used by mompreneurs that are selling clothes in their home. The advantages would be that the mompreneur decides of her schedule, her objectives, her income,etc. Moreover, she's selling products or services that she created by her own without even living her housecostumers come to her. [...]

[...] Status and social conditions of parenting (Vol pp. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Boris, E. (1994) Mothers are not workers: Homework regulations and the construction of motherhood, 1948-1953. In E.Glenn, N. Glenn, G. Chang & Forcey (Eds.), Mothering: Ideology, experience and agency (pp.161-180). New York: Routledge. Bruni, A., Gherardi, S., & Poggio, B. (2004) Doing gender, doing entrepreneurship: An ethnographic account of intertwined practices. Gender, Work and Organization, 11: 406-429. [...]

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