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Performance and Control of Supply Chain Management

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The literary review on supply chain management shows that most researchers agree on two key concepts: supply chain management and logistics chain. The supply chain includes all activities and actors influencing the physical and informational flows, for conversion of property, from the status of raw material to the finished product marketed. Improved supply chain performance requires the effective management of these two components and requires that an information system achieves three objectives, namely: managing resources, directing behaviors and interacting with the environment.

Management control is needed as an instrument of management, and performance measurement. By the identification of supply chain activities, the definition of relevant indicators, and so on, it is possible not only to establish the decision-making process in the context of logistics management, but also to improve the performance of management. This work aims to provide answers to the following questions: - Can the ABC method intervene to optimize supply chain costs? - How can a supply chain be controlled effectively? - How can a company's strategy on logistics be enriched?

Communication is divided into three parts. The first part shows the role of management control, through the ABC system in the reorganization of the entity in the form of activities. The second part describes the identification of performance that indicates effective control of the supply chain. The last part is devoted to strategic management.

The future implementation of IKEA in Japan in Tokyo, however, may pose certain problems that are more difficult to solve. In France, even if the corporate culture is closer to a male culture, compared to the Swedish culture, the models show some similarities. The location of IKEA in Japan may bring forth challenges that are far more culturally important than in France.

Historically, logistics has been considered as a mode of control over transport, storage and inventory management. The changes made possible by new technologies and new methods have enabled logistics to become an instrument for integration and coordination of activities across the supply chain.

Controlling costs and other performance attributes directly raises the issue of quality of the information system of the company. The scope of information to process for identifying and understanding has continued to spread and affects both the overall activities of the organization and also the environmental elements that influence these activities.A cost system focuses on the registration of all costs and margins across the width and breadth of the organization.

Among the existing cost systems, can find the ABC method, which is one of the innovative functions in management control. It allows modeling in relation to the accounting information system.The ABC is a fine method for calculating production costs which does not really call into question the whole management process. It represents a real challenge to the methods of calculating production costs. It considers the business or structure in terms of processes implemented that contribute to the realization and distribution of goods and services. In other words, it rests on a broad vision and not a vertical or horizontal one.

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