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Role-play and assessments

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  1. Introduction
  2. The human service supervisor's job
  3. The prospective worker's paperwork
  4. Supervisor to candidate
  5. Candidate to supervisor
  6. The form of interviewing
  7. Improvement plan
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

The role of human services supervisor is defined as under direction, supervises human services technicians and other assigned staff engaged in determining initial or continuing eligibility for public assistance, including eligibility and employment services programs and specialized assignments (Allen & Langford).

[...] Johnson fully understood the duties of the job and criteria. An overview of the interview with the prospective worker was presented as follows: (Supervisor to Candidate) Supervisor: Tell me about yourself Candidate: I am a hard working individual with goals and ambition Supervisor: Tell me the most difficult experience you've faced & how you handled it Candidate: When I was younger, I was adopted. It made me want to pursue a career in Social work so I can help others. [...]

[...] Candidate: Describe the ideal candidate for this position Supervisor: The ideal candidate will have a desire to help others and possess the necessary skills and techniques while performing their duties satisfactorily on a consistent basis. Social work interviewing techniques were used during the interview with Mister Johnson. They are behavioral interviewing, situational interviewing, and panel interviewing. Behavioral interviewing is described as being a common technique in the field of human services. The questions presented cannot be answered in the simple form of yes or no. [...]

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