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Task management time management and leadership theories

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  1. Task taken
  2. Task one
    1. Content project management
    2. Web store management (e-commerce)
    3. Online payment system
    4. Mail communicator
    5. Finance management
    6. Business management system
    7. Technical and non technical issues
  3. Task two
    1. Schedule the big rocks, lets the small stuff flows
    2. Do the worst task first
    3. Don't over-commit yourself
    4. Other techniques
    5. Project plan
    6. Project management team
  4. Task three
    1. Analyzing the three main leadership theories
    2. Theory X and theory Y
    3. Ways of motivating teams
  5. Task four
    1. Differences between coaching and mentoring
  6. Task five
    1. Physical barriers
    2. System design
    3. Other common barriers
  7. Bibliography

The task management is all about organizing groups of people to work together productively towards clear goals, or objectives. There are many attributes for specifying a given task. One has to do a proper research on the task before implementing it. Before that we need to write our expectations to set objectives. While we define these objectives, there may be various technical and non-technical issues to be considered. To develop a website with proper modules, various securities should be implemented. A secure payment system is to be developed for the customer to pay with reliability and trust. For security reasons, mail will be sent on email id registered with banks along with the credit card or mail will be sent to their postal address, if email id is not given. There are various consequences to be faced if the task objectives are not clearly defined. For example, we may be developing a website for a long period of time rather then implementing and getting it in use. Creating a website is easy but not creating a good website. Goals should be SMART ? specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound.

[...] Other techniques include: Time management is myth we should remember to manage work within 24hrs in a day Find out where you are wasting time unnecessary modules must be removed without any dependencies Create time management goals setting sub goals helps work to be done faster Implement a time management plan work according to the plan Use time management tools use a day-timer or a software program to record the details of the project Prioritize ruthlessly for a given number of tasks in a day, how many can be accomplished Learn to delegate or outsource no need to be one-man show for effective management Establish routine and stick to them Set time limits for a given task Be sure that the systems are organized Don't waste time waiting (Ward 2009) Project Plan To do a task successful, complete planning should be done. [...]

[...] Coaching and Mentoring, Gower Handbook of Management, Gower Publishing Company, UK Cook, M. J. (1998). Time Management Proven Techniques for Making the Most of your Valuable Time, Adams Media Corp, Avon, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Dixon, R. (2003). The Management Task (3rd Edition), Butterworth-Heinemann, London. Drucker, P. (1955). The Practice of Management, Heinemann. Fiedler, F. E. (1967). A theory of Leadership Effectiveness, McGraw-Hill, U.S.A. Gleeson, K. (2003). The Personal Efficiency Program, Butterworth-Heinemann, London. Kapoor, D. (2009). Pitfalls to avoid while developing a website, The Exploding Internet. Kaye, B. and [...]

[...] Three critical time management techniques defined by (Dumb Little Man Tips for Life 2009) would be: Schedule the big rocks, lets the small stuff flows This means that the milestones are first set for big modules to be developed and then the small modules will be developed, ultimately integrating the modules to be a part of big module. Do the worst task first The module which would require more time and is very critical is taken up first to be completed. [...]

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