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The important departments in an organization

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  1. Human resource department
    1. Introduction
    2. Meaning
    3. Definition
    4. Recruitment
    5. Recruitment policies and procedure
  2. Training and development
  3. Performance appraisal
    1. Performance appraisal
    2. Promotion
    3. Promotion policies
  4. Quality control department
    1. Introduction
    2. Meaning
    3. Quality control structure
  5. Marketing department
    1. Introduction
    2. Meaning
    3. Objectives
    4. Importance of marketing
  6. Marketing functions
    1. Branding
    2. Advertizing
    3. Pricing policy
  7. Organization
    1. Charecterstic of the organisation
  8. Production and implementation department
    1. Introduction
    2. Functions
    3. Enterprise resource planning
    4. Benefits of enterprise solution
    5. Customer relationship management
    6. Supply chain management
  9. Finance department
    1. Introduction
    2. Definition
    3. Importance of finance
  10. Objectives
    1. Profit maximization
    2. Wealth maximization
    3. Other objectives
  11. Ffunctions
  12. Summary
    1. Production and implementation department
    2. Marketing department
    3. Quality control and development department
    4. Finance department
    5. Human resource department: (HRD)

An Organization may be a manufacturing firm, a business concern, and an Insurance company, Hospital, University or A Service Industry. It may be small or large, Simple or complex. An organization is a human grouping in which work is done for the accomplishment of some specific goal.
Human beings are the important resource for the organization like any other economic resources without which the other inanimate assets are worthless. ?People are an organization's most Important Asset?.

The management of Man is a very important and challenging job because it is a job not just of managing men, but also of administering a social system. It is very challenging because of the dynamic nature of the people. No two persons are similar in mental abilities, sentiments and behavior. They differ from each other widely and are subject to many varied influences. People are responsive, they feel, think, and act; therefore they cannot be operated like a machine or shifted or altered like a room layout. They therefore need a tactful handling by management personnel. So Human Resource has gained more importance.

[...] So marketing plays an important part in the economic system of a country. Marketing is a sum of several distinct activities that facilitate the flow of products from the producers to the final consumers. Efficient marketing reduces the cost through the efficient utilization of the available resources, which in turn reduces the cost of the product. It integrates various sectors of the economic such as Communication, Manufacturing. It mobilizes the potentials and untapped energy for economic development. It inspires innovative and entrepreneurs to take up new activity. [...]

[...] the net present worth of the organization in the long run. The wealth maximization which are created by the organization are reflected in the market value of the equity shares of the organization. Maintain proper accounts of receipts and expenditure, receivables and payments and get the same audited by the statutory auditors, prepare profit and loss account and balance sheet at the end of every financial year as prescribed by the statutory needs. Co ordinate the activities of all departments by allocating the resources as and when required by each department. [...]

[...] PROMOTION: Promotion may be defined as a top ward movement or advancement of an employee in the organization to the job, which commands better pay of wages, better status as prestige , higher challenges and responsibilities and opportunities. Better working environment, and working facilities and other accompany that changes. Promotion is made on the basis of the performance of the employee in the organization and company's policies. PROMOTION POLICIES: Based on the performance appraisal the workers are given promotion and increments. [...]

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