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The Internal Communication at Carrefour

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  1. General organization of internal communication
  2. Management style of Internal communication
  3. Leadership
  4. Different types of communication used

Carrefour is the second largest global group in the retail sector with a turnover of 87 billion Euros in 2008. The Carrefour group includes firms, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount stores, convenience stores (Shop, 8 a Huit) and online shopping sites (Ooshop). Through this document, we will study the internal communication of the group, the management techniques used, and the position of employees within the company.

The CEO Lars Olofsson has chosen the management pyramid for the internal communication of the Brand. This implies that a single head is at the summit and encourages the values of: discipline, obedience, submission, and by example, repetition, and good execution. In this management structure, the entrepreneur is both the one who initiates the project (business, technical or commercial), and the one who implements and controls the execution in accordance with a vertical hierarchy (head, frame, control, etc.).

[...] A part of the upward communication is done through the suggestion box. Employees can avail of the opportunity to deposit their suggestions regarding the operation of the store. However, this tool seems secondary. A large part of the upward communication takes place (in one unit) through informal exchanges between manager and employees. It is the involvement of the hierarchy that determines the quality of upward communication. This however, is more used in special operations. Thus the operation "better eat" is organized by volunteers. [...]

[...] We then questioned the consideration of the views of employees, and the significance of their decision The partners of management internally The Human Resources Director The representative of trade unions such as the CGT (Confederation Generale du Travail) or CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labor). The staff representative The expert 3. Targets Internal communication, especially downward: Carrefour has three different targets: Current employees, New employees, Potential employees. IV. The different types of communication used 1. Downward communication Carrefour communicates a lot from the top down: from top to bottom; the direction of the headquarters of the brand, to each store. The employees of each store are trained in external calling. The new slogan is "the return of positive". [...]

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