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The working of an ayurvedic pharmacy

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  1. Introduction
  2. The purchasing department
    1. The purchase procedures
    2. Functions
    3. Departmental chart
  3. The finance department
    1. Objectives
    2. Structure of the finance department
  4. The production department
    1. Objectives
    2. Functions
    3. Production process
  5. List of common products and types available
  6. Raw materials used for production
  7. The quality control department
    1. Objectives
    2. Function
  8. Importance of inventory management
    1. Benefits of inventory management and control
    2. Objectives of inventory control
    3. Types of inventory levels
    4. Inventory control techniques
    5. HML analysis
    6. FSM analysis
    7. VED analysis
  9. Methods of valuing materials issues
  10. SWOT analysis of the industry

Ayurveda was predominant in Kerala and most of the other parts of India for a long period. But foreign invasion and the subsequent propagation of allopathic medicine made Ayurveda very weak in importance. But newly developed fear of the side effects and long term ill effects of allopathic medicines coupled with inefficiency to combat a large number of deceases have brought the attention not only to Kerala and India but also to the biologically based medicines. A large number of new organizations in India are entering the area of ayurvedic medicines manufacturing. The curiosity of the world is too high and the research and development taking place all over the world in the area of this science is very strong. Obviously it is the golden era of this science. Companies like Dabur and Himalaya are as strong as any allopathic medicines company. A large number of allopathic medicine manufacturing companies have started including ayurvedic medicines in this production list.

Another area of gaining prominent and worldwide attention is herbal cosmetics. The growth of the world market in herbal cosmetics is amazing.

Apart from ayurvedic medicines which is based on the traditional Indian system of diagnosis and treatment, a large number of herbal medicines are also available in world market. In fact the growth of the market share of these products suppresses the growth of ayurvedic market by several times.

[...] The inspiration behind the ABC analysis has been drawn from Wilfred, Pareto, an Italian economist and sociologist who generated some highly debatable concepts of economy and sociology. Extending praetor principle to inventory it is always possible to separate vital few' from ?trivial many' of the stock item for there effective control. Separating vital few of trivial many is what is precisely is ABC analysis. Pareato principle was what brought the attention of the people with inventory management by H. Forddicks who applied Pareto law to inventory and developed the general concept of ABC analysis. [...]

[...] BENEFITS OF INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL Proper management and control of inventories will result in the following benefits to an organization. Inventory control ensures an adequate supply of materials and stores. It keeps down investment in inventories It facilitates purchasing economies through measurement of requirement on the basis of recorded experiences. It eliminates duplication in ordering. It permits a better utilization of available stocks. It provides a check against the loss of materials through carelessness. It facilitates cost accounting activities. [...]

[...] PRODUCTION PROCESS Most common products and types available Arishtam - 40 types Ghritham - 30 types Lehyam - 40 types Oil - 50 types Kuzhampu - 20 types Kashayam - 30 types Choornum - 20 types Pills - 25 types Bhasmam - 15 types Palavaka - 5 types RAW MATERIALS USED FOR PRODUCTION Adakamanyan venu Adalodakam veru Adapathian veru Akil Amruth Amukuram Aratha chuvennath Asokha tholi Athividayan Avanakin veru Avitholi Ayamodakam Brahmi Chandachips Chennamukki Chirkuru Cheruvazuthena veru Chukku Devadaram Elakkay Erattimathram Elippapoova Gorochanam Gold Grambu Gulguloo Elavargam Jathikka Jeerakam Kacholam Kadukkathodu Kadukurohini Kandakarichunda Karikurinji Kurumthoty Kasthuri Kiriyath Kizhukanelli Koduvelli Koovalaveru Kottam Kumbil veru Kurumthotty veru Kurumulaku Muvila Munja Nagapoova Nayakarunaveru Pareppu Pathiri QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT The first and foremost step in quality control is that the raw material selection is done under the expert supervision of a team of highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors. [...]

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