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Tribulations in the workplace

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VA Medical Center
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  1. Introuction
  2. Issues within the configuration of the organization
    1. Incompetence and lack of empathy
    2. Employee dissatisfaction, stress, and resistance to change
    3. Centralization, formalization, the mechanistic structure, and power
  3. Ways to increase the motivational potential of jobs
  4. Conclusion

Over the past semester, I have learned several techniques to identify and mend the broken behavior of organizations. When a person enters into an organization as a new employee, their expectations of the organization are still unformulated though it only takes a short while till those expectations are formed. Every time someone switches careers, there is going to be a problem (or several) that the employee may or may not notice within their workplace. Within my own particular workplace, the Veterans Administrative Medical Center (VA), there are several problems that could be easily resolved.

The VA is a governmental agency that supplies medical attention to veterans whom have protected the people of the United States through their branch of service. My position within this organization resides under the assistant directors of the executive office as a student intern. Mainly, my job duty includes identifying problems and resolving them to the best of my ability (or bringing them to the attention of the assistant directors) as I am moved to different areas throughout the building while assigned to several different tasks.

[...] Many doctors expect employees to treat them with utmost respect because of the position of power they are in and schooling they had to endure. At times, expert power works though many workers who see doctors as their equal are treated disrespectfully by the doctors and therefore cause higher job dissatisfaction. An example is a woman who asked a physician a question though was treated with great disrespect and was told she was, ?just a clerk? because she asked a question. [...]

[...] Centralization and formalization are part of the mechanistic structure which includes having many regulations and measures, restricted decision making at lesser levels, tall hierarchies of persons in particular tasks, and vertical communication. A lack of empathy from the staff has drawn away from putting the customers first. Coercive power is implemented within the clinics. If the workers do not do exactly what the leaders (doctors, nurses, etc.) say, they could get removed from a clinic or even fired. A better form of power that should be implemented is legitimate power by informing staff of the rules and regulations within the hospital. [...]

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