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Business plan: Give me 5

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  1. Company's overview
    1. The origin of the product
    2. The content of the activity
    3. Company's genesis
  2. Administration and status of the company
    1. Legal status Health and Safety regulations
    2. Human Resources policy
    3. Commercial premises
    4. Machine Tool and washing process
  3. The company's environment
    1. Home shopping market Analysis
    2. Competitors analysis
    3. Activities Structures
    4. Partners
    5. Potential clients
    6. Commercials intermediaries and providers
  4. The legal status
    1. Capital contribution
    2. Turnover
    3. Projected budget
    4. Cash flow forecast
    5. Risk management
  5. The marketing plan
    1. Logos and graphics
    2. Our Product - The Give Me 5 Basket
    3. Commercial slogan/statement
    4. Distribution channels
    5. Online / Offline communication â€" Additional Part
    6. Commercial deployment
  6. Future company development
    1. Step A = Reach a credibility
    2. Step B = Spread the catchment area or develop activities

This business plan is designed for the creation and the early management of a company providing and delivering a mix of 5 fruits and vegetables in baskets to help individuals eat healthy. The company will be established in the largest area in London, and will follow the English government campaign which is called "5 a day" and recommends every people to eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day. Our catchment area will be limited to London to have a better grasp of what the market is about and of our customers' expectations, in order to be able to adapt quickly to demand. The actual health situation is alarming in UK. According to the British Heart Foundation (, 18.7% of men and 21.3% of women have a tendency for obesity. Diseases related to overweight and obesity also cost £8.7 billions to the NHS.

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