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Corporate culture and communication

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  1. Theoretical approach
    1. Culture
    2. Cultural Integration
  2. Key elements for success
    1. Pre merger stage
    2. Immediate post merger period
    3. Transition period
    4. Avoiding the pitfalls
  3. Renault and Volvo: the cultural failure
    1. The cultural aspect
    2. Failing the integration process
  4. The Renault-Nissan alliance
    1. Presentation of the Companies
    2. Renault-Nissan Alliance
    3. Preparation of the Merger: the Cultural Differences between France and Japan
    4. Renault-Nissan's Culture
    5. Results and Future Projects

This report aims at presenting the concept of post merger cultural integration as the key element for a successful merger operation. The last decade, in the global business is likely to be called the era of the merger. In today's global economy, one cannot turn his back on the opportunities offered by emerging industries and markets in Asia, Middle East or Eastern Europe. Therefore, mergers as well as acquisitions have become a widespread form of external growth and many firms have integrated it in their strategy as a cost-effective mean of acquiring new assets, products and markets. The opportunity and success of a merger is often reduced to the evaluation of financial health and performance. Moreover, during the negociation and processing of a merger people might feel very optimistic talking about scale economies, geographical expansion, new know-hows, or new markets. But half of the mergers fail and two third of them do not get the expected results.

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