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India, Welcoming Land for the IT Enterpriser

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  1. Understanding Indian culture
    1. Culture
    2. Cultural orientations
    3. Indian business culture and formal communication
    4. Organizational culture
    5. Contracts and negotiation
  2. Information technology in India
    1. Economic
    2. Politics
    3. Analysis by sector
    4. Governmental projects
  3. Indian Law/Understanding India's legal system
  4. The Indian version of a business plan
    1. A few things to keep in mind
    2. Creating a business plan
    3. Covering the important financial concerns
    4. Taking other considerations into account
    5. Your indian business plan

This thesis entitled "India Welcoming Land for IT Enterpriser" has been written with the idea of creating a concrete and practical tool for an entrepreneur who is eager to try the adventure of entering the IT market in India. We will explore various fields like the culture of the country and its impact on the business world. We will not only speak about the basic differences between India and the West but also the similarities. We have endeavored to gather information on the IT market in India in the current economic context. We gathered many practical advices on the realization of an Indian business plan. We also treat legal texts relating to the creation of companies and detail the administrative stages necessary to succeed. Over all, this document is a toolbox of the enterpriser in India. Many business people all over the world are interested in India.

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