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Security versus privacy information technologies: is Big Brother watching us?

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  1. Thesis and literature review
    1. Type of Literature
    2. Thesis and methods
  2. Researche methodology
    1. Evaluation of the eventual Approaches
    2. Interviews
    3. Questions
    4. The methods used in my research
  3. Fieldwork , data collection and results
    1. Fieldwork.
    2. Data collection
    3. Presentation of the results
  4. Analysis of the findings, discussion and interpretations
    1. The RFID technology
    2. RFID tags
    3. The Electronic ID cards
    4. biometric passports
    5. Biometric devices
    6. Centralized data bases
    7. Data retention
    8. Surveillance cameras: Big Brother is watching you
    9. Satellites and geo-localization
    10. CARs and drivers control technologies

The emergence of Information Systems brought about some problems linked to the notion of privacy. If the computerization of data was generally considered to be a progress, it was sometimes accompanied by fright, or even by fantasies nourished by Big Brother, about possibility for other people or for an instituted power to know everything about an individual. Even if notions of security and privacy are not mutually foreign, in information systems, especially concerning identification technologies, security measures pose problems for the protection of private life.

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