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Supply chain management

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  1. Order winners and order qualifiers in different businesses
  2. How to use this EOQ model in SILOG?
  3. How to use the historical demand data of the SILOG and the methodology of linear regression to do a forecast?
  4. The supply chain management of Dell Computer Systems
  5. Effects lead by the decisions making at each link of the supply chain established by groups
  6. The Southwest Airlines case
  7. The concept of 'lean manufacturing' and 'lean thinking'
  8. The common issues between the 'HP DeskJet Printer' case and LEGO pieces manufacturing
  9. What Schmenner's matrix for 'consumer loyalty' and 'use of technology'?
  10. Analyze a service firm

Every organization with a service or manufacturing entity needs a robust supply chain management in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage within supply chain alliances and partnerships. An independent firm on its own may not have all the resources to match its competitors. But by having an upstream and a downstream deal of getting the input, processing it into output and then pushing it to the downstream for distribution with effective chain partners, it can face many business challenges.
Through researches and the cases seen in the seminar, we will see that process integration and other efforts along the supply chain will result in improved quality as higher profit margins shall get reflected in the creation of better facilities for manufacturing, product design, research, enhanced customer service etc. The benefits too would be reflected in lower costs and better trust among partners.

[...] In general, logistics is responsible for the management of these movements and storage from suppliers through supply chains to the final customer. The logistic system organization could interfere with strategic decisions which have an influence on the production organization and the distribution structures, whereas others can be considered as operational (rate sending for example). These decisions bring many differences between arbitrations costs or are linked with the production, to the storage and to the transport, as well as to the quality of service expected. [...]

[...] Hence, Lean supply chain management is not about ?fitting' what someone else is doing wrong. It is about recognizing and eradicating waste as measured in time, inventory and cost through supply chains and its links. This necessitates continuous effort and improvement. Question 9 Identify the common issues between the DeskJet Printer' (SCM I seminar) case and our manufacturing experience with LEGO pieces (SCM II seminar). Specializing in the IT products such as computers and printers and all the elements they are linked with, Hewlett-Packard is an American worldwide Company which deals with its several headquarters out all over the world. [...]

[...] Dell gets its competitive advantage over other firms through its supply chain management. Dell uses technology to understand information involving Dell's reorganized production as a great Order Winner example. Question 5 & 6 What did you learn from the Beer Game?' Why can we not consider your performance in the Beer Game as an input for grading this course? In the second part of the supply chain seminar we played the Beer Game which allowed us to understand the effects by the decision making at each link of the supply chain established by groups. [...]

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