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The marketing audit of Tesco PLC

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  1. Terms of reference
  2. Rationale
  3. Introduction to the organisation
    1. Company situation
    2. Market situation for Tesco PLC
    3. Competitors
    4. Mission statement
    5. Demograph of customers
    6. Media advertising
    7. UK domestic market share competition
    8. Tesco proves its world credentials
    9. International competition
  4. Strategic analysis
    1. Marris model of growth
    2. Average profit & average growth
    3. Porters value chain
    4. Product life cycle
    5. Map of Tesco international expansion
    6. International business strategies
  5. Financial summary
    1. Summary profit & loss account
    2. Summary balance sheet
    3. Ratio analysis
  6. Business analysis
    1. Analysis tools
    2. Defining the role
    3. Swot analysis
    4. Plans to split Sainsbury's
    5. Graphical representation of PEST analysis
    6. Porters five force framework
    7. Strategic clock
    8. Prescriptive pricing
  7. Marketing mix
    1. Product
    2. Place
    3. Promotion
    4. Price
    5. People
  8. Market entry strategy
    1. Defining the desired market of USA
    2. Defining the desired market of China
    3. Growth directions & market penetration
    4. Porters five force analysis
    5. Porters generic strategies
    6. Market entry strategies
    7. Segmentation & targeting
  9. Tesco branding
  10. Objectives
    1. Tesco PLC objectives & assumptions
    2. Loyalty scheme
  11. Forecast & implications

The specific UK FTSE listed company selected for the purpose of dissertation is Tesco PLC. The report will create and develop a marketing plan for Tesco PLC in the medium term of one to three years. The creation of such a plan will require various elements. As such the report will clearly be divided into sections with individual sub-headings, each leading to the investigating, evaluating, analyzing, developing and creating of a successful marketing plan for Tesco PLC. The initial 5 sections of this report will conduct a comprehensive marketing audit of Tesco PLC and the market place. Graphical representation will be included.

[...] To a great extent the largest profit margins on food items for Tesco PLC are in the companies *Finest Rage this will be considered further in the reccomendations section of this report & Marketing Strategy & Tactics A Mintel study of premium brands observes that ?historically, Britons have had limited relationship with food the passion for food and cooking, standard in many other European nations, is not traditionally part of the British cultural fabric indeed, the British tend to view good food as a privilege not a right?. [...]

[...] China is indeed an emerging market but the general products that Tesco PLC trade are not new to China, what could be unique is the product this report is focusing on Tesco shopping experience,' after evaluation of the above figure it is clear that Tesco will concentrate on Market Development Strategies Porters ?Five Force' Analysis Wall, S Rees, B (2004) ?International Business' 2nd Edition Prentice Hall To develop a thriving market entry strategy, analysis is paramount. Foremost the conducting and evaluating of basic Pestle, SWOT and other generic analysis tools as referred to in section of this report will be beneficial. [...]

[...] As the marketing audit stages of this report detail in the UK market, Tesco PLC operate a multi-format approach, allowing customers to access the ?brand' at several different levels. In the development of a marketing plan, this dissertation has concluded that there are several elements to consider and develop. With the achievement of the implemented objectives set out in this dissertation, Tesco PLC will increase its lead in the UK market. Although competition concerns must be uppermost in the companies psyche at all times. [...]

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