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Theoretical and practical study of CRM strategy in Societe Generale Algeria

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  1. Company Presentation of Decathlon
    1. The company
    2. Justification for the choice-SBA
    3. Logistics
  2. Environment of Decathlon
    1. Current market situation of sports
    2. The environment at Decathlon
  3. The sectoral analysis
    1. Competitive forces
    2. Strategic Groups
    3. The different strategic positions
    4. Generic strategy
  4. Defining Key Success Factors
    1. Managerial Expertise
    2. Marketing Expertise
    3. Products
  5. Strategic Analysis
    1. Internal factors
    2. External Factors
    3. Analysis of Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats
    4. Analysis

Traders have always tried to enhance the wealth represented by their customers. The market was large with a strong demand, and it was enough to offer a good product to be sold easily. Today, competition and supply are such that the buyer moves from one provider to another, because they are forced to focus on improving their products and their internal operations, the companies have ended up losing sight of the essential component of their business and their customers.

We are witnessing a decade to the backlash. It has become vital for companies to turn effectively to their customers to build loyalty by placing them in the center of their concerns, listening to them and providing them with products and services that they are seeking. As a result, the "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)" was born. Companies that have implemented this system have gained a significant competitive advantage.

Any company that wants to compete must implement a CRM strategy. Why do we choose this theme of research to study the practical and theoretical basis of a CRM strategy? What is the importance of implementing a CRM strategy within a business, especially in Algeria Societe Generale (SGA)?

Having defined our theme and asked the main question, we have to define our assumptions, which are: Does Societe Generale Algeria apply a formal CRM strategy? If so, is it effective? If not, what means does it use to modernize and make more effective its marketing to build customer loyalty?

To address these concerns we have adopted the following approach: We describe in the first part, what is the CRM, its appearance, its implementation and tools. Then in the second part, we will focus on its application in a bank, in this case, the Societe Generale Algeria (SGA).

Thus, the first chapter of Part One will focus on the evolution of customer relations and the emergence of the concept CRM, the concepts around which it's articulate and channels of communication used. The second chapter of the first part will deal with the objectives of CRM process and its implementation.

In the second part, the first chapter will focus on the presentation of the Societe Generale and its subsidiary as well as the Algerian office's El Biar, in our study. The second chapter of Part II is intended to be, first, a critical objective of the strategy and customer relations of the AMS, and secondly, a study of the impact of this relationship on satisfaction customers.

The aim of our study is to address our problems by searching within the agencies of Societe Generale Algeria El Biar and Cheraga and through a questionnaire to customers.

Numerous surveys show that the key to success is to give priority to customer needs, to provide products or services that meet their needs and manage the customer relationship, so to satisfy him and ensure that 'he repeated purchases.

Yet in the past, too many companies felt that the excellence of their products or services sufficient to bring back the customer.

The myth of the modern mousetrap has been shattered. The client is now showing more and more bold and dynamic and it requires, in addition to excellence, a response to its requests. The only way to meet this expectation lies in the Consumer Relationship Management.

What is it? Why does it raise the public interest? Intermediaries and through what does it pass to reach the customers?

Tags: CRM; meaning and origin of CRM; CRM in Societe Generale Algeria

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