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Betwixt and be Tween: age ambiguity and the sexualization of the female consuming', Journal of Consumer Culture 4(2): 203-207, Cook, D. T. et Kaiser S. (2004)

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  1. Who are the Tweens?
  2. Construction of children's identity
  3. What is the figure of the Tween girl?
  4. Is the identity of Tween girls driven by the market?
  5. How these images reached the little girls?
  6. Tween girls are not totally constructed by the market

The article entitled 'Betwixt and Be Tween' looks at the subject of Tween girls as a dream of marketers. Cook depicts the Tween girls as a commercially constructed market persona. A lot of questions are raised by the premise evoked above. Who are the Tweens? How children construct their identity? What is the identity of a Tween girl? What is the role of the market in the construction of the Tween identity? Are children growing up too earlier and too fast nowadays? The term Tween appeared for the first time in 1987 to depict a market involving children aged from 9 to 15. The Tween is an age-based category used to describe the transition between the childhood and the teenage status, in other words, it engages kids that reject childlike images and aspire to be more mature. According to Cook and Kaiser, the main preoccupations of Tweens are- growing up faster and being popular. Moreover, marketers figured out that there is a lot of money to be made by treating them this way. Indeed, Tweens is an extremely influent and powerful market segment. According to a study, the Tween market may represent more than $1 trillion per year.

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