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Boost juice bar: Case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Genesis and purpose of the report
  3. Method and outline
  4. Background of the organization
  5. Category of service products
  6. Analysis of organisation's service products
  7. Suggestions for new service development
  8. Conclusion

Boost Juice Bar is one of the most famous healthy drinking brands, originally from the Australia. The company has expanded from an ?easy grab and go fruit juice? to an established network of retail outlets throughout the world. Until now, Boost Juice has developed their supply chain to over 200 stores in 14 countries with providing delicious and nutritious fruity drinks.

The aim of this service products and new service development report is to identify creative business opportunities in the routine marketing contexts by understanding the service products that Boost Juice offered to the market.

The report is consisted of two key parts: understanding service products and suggestions for new service development. The first part is introduced core products and supplementary services that Boost Juice Bar delivers to the target audience and the implemented branding strategy with the reference of positioning statement. The second part has explained the suggested new service to response increasing demand of healthy drinking beverage.

[...] For each juice or smoothie they buy they earn one point. In Australia once they have accumulated ten points, they are entitled to a free juice or smoothie at any store. This program enables us to know all about our customers as they need to register their details in order to activate their memberships and we love birthdays at Boost, so every member gets a FREE Boost on their birthday Branding strategy Brand not only refers to business name or logo, but also the aggregate experiences that customers have with consuming products and service. [...]

[...] It is important for organisation to evaluate its capacity to meet customer needs and wants. However, there are some current problems impacts on customer value delivery negatively. (See Table Table 4 By summarizing the problems that organisation is currently facing, long- waiting time is determined as the most significant issue which need to be solve by introducing the new service. The strategic method used to discovery deeper insights of this problem is Fishbone diagram (Cause-and- Effect Chart). Figure 4 is shown the details. [...]

[...] The competing positioning is underlying Boost juice brand strategy. The focused strategy implemented by Boost juice is unfocused with aiming to achieve competitive advantage. Unfocused strategy is defined with two distinct characteristics-board markets with wide range of service and lots of service providers in this market. For Boost juice, it is offering variety of products and services not only for Australia market but also operating business internationally. However, a large number of competitors are engaging in this industry as well. [...]

[...] Boost Juice Bar is the selected organisation by our group to meet the requirements of Assignment Part 1 and Part 2. This investigative report is focused on two key elements: Analysis of organisation's service products Suggestions for new service development The outcomes and findings will help Boost fresh fruit juice delivery a better customer values and greater customer satisfaction. It is also identified potential opportunities for organisation to achieve business objectives and make profit in the long-run Method and Outline First of all, information drawn on organisation's core products and supplementary services is referenced of Boost juice official website. [...]

[...] Kiosk will play the major function of order-taking by guiding customers step by step. Therefore, staffs will relief from stress working environment. By conducting feasibility study, it is believed that the new service is technology supported cost-effective and easy operating procedures. The recommendations are made to help business to achieve positive outcomes are: Designing user-friendly software Marketing promotions of using new service Selecting capable stores with high revenue Staff training sessions However, there are still some considerations of implementing this new service, such as program errors, high cost, and lack of customer communication. [...]

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