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Adidas: the role of woman in the future of the sport: strategy marketing to target the new market of the women

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  2. The Audi society
  3. SWOT analysis
    1. External Analysis
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  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Communication strategy for the Audi Q7
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    3. Control of the communication strategy
  6. Conclusion

Sport has become an important aspect in the lives of people. This is due to the changes and innovations that are increasing in this area. It has to meet the needs of consumers' of sporting brands through several different products on the market of sport.

Today, Adidas is one of the biggest names in the sports segment. Founded in 1948, it continues to evolve and diversify. This company has recently developed a new market for females in sports. Indeed, women have not always attached great importance to sports. Today, they are major consumers.

This study will explore how Adidas uses this target and the challenges ahead for the brand. For this analysis, an internal and external analysis of the company, the marketing strategy, and their marketing mix is conducted.

Sport is becoming more important in our life and it impacts on consumption. One can notice that the sporting goods market is changing. It should consider the market for sporting goods to see the opportunities and threats available to Adidas while studying the strengths and weaknesses of the brand.

It is firstly important to recall that sports is a growing market since France is catching up to Europe in terms of memberships in sports clubs. There are various factors that explain the rise of sport by various factors, and the growth of public and private facilities designed to promote the sport. Technology has also created new sports activities; there are changes in lifestyles such as attention to physical appearance, and the RTT that allows individuals especially women to have more time to devote to the sport.

The segments are very diverse, and it is found that the market for sports items of many competitors have their own characteristics. The group Adidas is the first to compete with Nike since it is the closest competitor in terms of targets. Both companies offer sporting goods of high quality at similar prices and they both try to look both trendy and effective in the market. Other competitors in the group are the challengers, like Puma, which have smaller market shares but offer products similar to those of Adidas.

The buying behavior of these items is not uniform. It was reported that women spend less in a utilitarian way and men the opposite way. Women were also more demanding than men and they took more time to try out before making apurchase. The men know what they want when they see it and they make no hesitation to buying directly. Therefore the company must pay more attention to small details such as product presentation and product image.

Adidas is a brand known worldwide and is first recognized by its famous three stripes logo or the crown shaped logo depicted on all its products. In the world market for sporting goods Adidas is in second place. As for the French market, Adidas is the leading brand of sporting goods, followed by Nike. It is also interesting to note that the group has improved in the markets of the United Kingdom and Italy. The acquisition of Reebok has also helped the group.

Tags: Adidas, marketing strategy , target group is women in sports.

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