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ADN projet marketing

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  1. Medical market in France
    1. A tool to understand the environment: PESTEL
    2. A quite efficient health care supply in France
    3. French health can still improve
    4. Market Forces ? competitive pressure
  2. The A.D.N. Project
    1. Marketing Mix - the 7 Ps
    2. Blue Ocean
    3. Ethics: one of A.D.N. concern
    4. SWOT
    5. Value chain
  3. Budget - a quick financial recovering
    1. Income Statement
    2. Break even point: large profits from the 3rd year

Like a recent initiative that has been proposed in North America called "Scientahealth", A.D.N. is a new health center concept in France. It is located in Paris and is based on the creation of health teams and health care network. The objective of this initiative is to allow the patient to determine the risks of developing a specific type of disease and to help him reduce those risks. Preventing upstream diseases is now possible by using a new kind of technology and diagnostic method, mainly based on analyses of the genetic and environmental factors of the patient. That is why A.D.N. brings together a multidisciplinary team of doctors and physicians in genetics, oncology, cardiology, gerontology, allergology and nutrition who will use high profile genetic analyses and advanced equipment. That will enable high quality of diagnoses and sustained health program of the clients. This health center is intended for wealthy clients. Therefore, there will be an analysis lab, where the patient could go through a complete diagnosis of his health condition and the necessary pieces of advice that will allow him to undergo the health program correctly.

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