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Air France : Marketing and communication report (2006)

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  1. Airline sector overview
  2. Air France KLM profile, historical and businesses
    1. Company profile
    2. Businesses
    3. Air France-KLM historical
  3. Swot analysis
    1. Micro environment
    2. Macro environment
    3. Competition analysis
    4. Noises
  4. Strategy
    1. Analyse the situation
    2. Define objectives
    3. Define strategy
    4. Implementation: An external intermediary to develop the new campaign: the Advertising agency BTC Euro RSC
  5. Communication Mix
    1. Below the line (BTL) techniques
    2. Above the line (ATL) techniques
  6. Analysis of the strategy
    1. Media planning
    2. Evaluation of the communication campaign
    3. Success factors of Air France communication
    4. Designing the good message
    5. The buyer readiness stage
  7. Conclusion and Recommendations
    1. Face to face recommendations
    2. Direct Marketing recommendations
    3. Public Relations recommendations
    4. Promotion recommendations
    5. Advertising recommendations

As part of the Marketing Communication project, a team comprising Antoine Cadoret, Nicholas Dawson, Charlotte Fouquet and Stephanie Mazel decided to conduct a study of the communication mix of a European leading airline company: Air France. The purpose of this project is to explore and analyze the developments in the field of marketing communication and the changing relevance of its component processes that have implications for the marketing managers of Air France. This sector was chosen by the team as the marketing trends of the current industry are ever-evolving and helps to understand the communication mix of a high-profile airline company. As consultants, we will provide information and recommended actions to Air France marketing communicators in order to facilitate further success concerning their communication and promotional efforts. In addition, the report provides a useful perspective regarding the proper use and applications of communication marketing. We will stress on the benefits and drawbacks of current practices to conclude with practical suggestions to maximize the communication strategy and communication process value chain and at the same time, maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

[...] It is possible to attribute the AIDA model to Air France regarding its customer readiness stage AIDA model/the strong theory attribute to Air France communication strategy Cognitive Awareness Catching the target market's attention and generating straight forward awareness of the product. Air France uses media advertising, sponsoring and hospitality events to get the brand known and understood as being something different and special, not just an airline company. The affective stage involves creating or changing an attitude. Giving the consumer sufficient information (whether is factual or image based) to pass judgment on the product and to develop positive feelings towards it. [...]

[...] Those techniques are solely aimed at enhancing the brand awareness but this step is necessary if Air France wants to develop customer brand awareness and therefore become the favorite airlines brand Marketing communication Mass Advertising Although advertising is said to be a maturing market, Air France, however, in close relation with the advertising agency BETC Euro RSCG had the unique ability to simplify and condense a complicated selling message into two emotionally 30-second pieces of film supported by key visuals. [...]

[...] This action develops a solidarity concept inside the company which enhances the corporate culture Marketing communication The Foundation's mission is to support projects which benefit children and young people who are ill, disabled or in great distress, whether in France or in other parts of the world where Air France is present. The projects the Foundation supports are in two major fields: education and training. Air France helps facilitates the functioning of the projects by providing financial and technical aid. [...]

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