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Alcopop - Case Study

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  1. Recommendation of a marketing strategy for WKD in the UK market from 2009 to 2012
    1. Environmental analysis of the UK market
    2. Environmental analysis of the alcopop sector of the FABs industry
    3. Environmental and competitive analysis of WKD Iron Brew
  2. How to expand WKD to a European country with a recommended market entry strategy
    1. Opportunities to WKD Iron Brew in France
    2. Recommended market entry strategy from 2009-2012

This study deals with the alcopop market in the UK and the opportunities for a company to expand to the French alcopop market. An alcopop is a sweet and flavoured drink, available in attractive packages full of colours with a small reference to the alcohol it contains. This beverage, which belongs to the Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages industry, is really famous among the very young population mainly because of its attractive price, even if it aims at targeting a more mature market from the age of 18 years to 25 years. The launch of this easy-to-drink alcohol was in 1995 in the UK market, but really took off in 1999 with the coming of Diageo's Smirnoff Ice, a U.S product which took almost a third of the UK FABs market with higher shares than in the US, according to Datamonitor (2007) and Food&Drink Europe (2003). These alcopops mainly attract the teenagers and especially the girl population, because they look without much risks and attractive than a can of beer, cider and lager. It's important to know that alcopops are as strong as the other categories of alcohol and irresponsible behaviours might have consequences on a person's actions and might be transformed in addiction. The marketing of these products is really controversial and according to Datamonitor (2007), teens are far more exposed to the advertising of these brands than adults who are the main target. In the first part of this study, firstly, I will analyse the UK market, then the alcopop sector and finally, the WKD alcopop. The analysis of the UK market will lead to the recommendation of a marketing strategy for WKD in the UK market from 2009 to 2012. In the second part, the study focuses on a European country to expand WKD internationally with a recommended market entry strategy.

[...] III) Environmental and competitive analysis of WKD Iron Brew The author preferred study the alcopop WKD Iron Brew, which was launched in August 1996 in Scotland. This ready-to-drink beverage belongs to the Beverage Brands group and it is promoted by funny campaigns with attractive slogans, ?Have you got a WKD which has to be read ?Have you got a wicked This beverage is available in 275ml bottle and the abv (alcohol by volume) in May 2009 was (It was before 2003, and before 2009 to match laws regulation). [...]

[...] References Internet based materials Alcohol issues The Rise of the Alcopop and Children Drinking. Available from drinking.html [accessed 25/10/09] BBC News (2009). UK 'is losing 52 pubs each week'. Available from [accessed 23/10/09] (2003). FAB-ulous growth for European alcopops. Available from European-alcopops [accessed 23/10/09] Blackley, M. (2005). Alcopops in decline as teenagers get a taste for more 'grown-up' drinks. Available from [accessed 24/10/09] Commission Européenne (2003&2008). Comparatifs : consommation d'alcool et taux d'alcoolémie autorisé au volant dans l'UE. [...]

[...] Strengths: - WKD is owned by Beverage Brands and rank at the top position in the UK Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages Market but also in clubs and pubs. - Huge amounts on marketing plan with both media and below the line advertisements (Sponsorship, national TV advertising ?Have you got a WKD side', samplings in bars and nightclubs, cinema and press advertising). According to Mintel the WKD marketing plan was million in 2006. - Advertising messages are humour oriented with a long time catchy phrase which appeals to both gender. [...]

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